Whose feet are these? no - really!

26 January 2010

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham

This photoshopping of models and celebrities really has gone too far now. Enough is enough. First we had complaints about certain brands making models look too thin in their clothes. Then celebrities having every last wrinkle ironed off their faces to look like the exhibits in Madame Tussaud’s in face cream ads.

Now of all the RIDICULOUS lies we’re asked to swallow, Missus B has had some flat pumps superimposed onto her toots at LAX airport, plus flip flops on a family day out.

Victoria Beckham

We're not buying it. Unless one of the following three scenarios has taken place:

Her roles as fashion designer, mum of three, reality TV star, model, muse and roaming private detective have long necessitated a gang of VB doppelgangers to share out the load and one has wandered off-message on the footwear front.

All her Louboutins are at the cobblers.

Her bunions have finally got the better of her.

Answers below in the comments box please.


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