Lady Gaga on Oprah – A to the May to the Zing!

18 January 2010

Another stunning performance from her Gaganess as she charms the pants off Oprah and her audience. Her production values are never less than over the top and her emotions – like sincerity and vulnerability - aren’t what everyone would expect based on her stage antics. We think she comes across very well (although us Brits usually prefer our stars to have a little bit more irony and self-deprecation, we think she got the tone spot on for Oprah's talk show).

As well as adressing issues like the tragic events in Haiti and how much she loves and appreciates her Mom and Dad, she comes out with some classic Gagaisms. Now followers of her travelling fashion circus won’t be disappointed.

On how she got her name “The Queen song, Radio Gaga. [Having a stage name] is nice - to have a space where I could feel safe and not feel like a freak all the time.”

In footage where Gaga goes back stage at her show and rummages through her costumes; “I really love shoulder pads. [fingering what looks like a mirror-tiled child’s car seat] I made myself into a hunchback”. [smiles proudly]

Showing us shoes “I was a gogo dancer. I like to wear stripper shoes. We buy very inexpensive shoes and then reinforce them” (had she been chatting to Alexander McQueen about this pre his SS10 Paris show with the Armadillo shoes, that Gaga was the first to wear in her Bad Romance video?)

“This is my disco bra.” (self-explanatory)

Gaga talks about how her closest friends are all fans, rather than celebrities. The super fans all dress like Gaga all the time and follow her to all her gigs. If you have particularly eagle eyes you can spot what look like two Dr Who creations at Christmas – (complete with twinkly lights) when the camera pans across the studio audience.

At one point we think Oprah might be about to cry when Gaga gushingly compares her to Ghandi.

Sheer. Genius. Gaga, we salute you!

[Perez Hilton]


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