Unauthorised biography on Miuccia Prada!

07 January 2010

miuccia prada

Following on from news of that forthcoming Gucci family biopic by Ridley Bladerunner Scott, it seems 2010 is set to be the year of the designer expose.

Next up – Miuccia Prada, who admittedly, must rate fairly low on the sex/drugs/rock'n'roll–o-meter, being rather more about art and politics.

Still, publishers in Italy have deemed her worthy of an unauthorised biography, Vita Prada, (Prada life, published in Italy by Baldini Castoldi Dalai), has been written Gian Luigi Paracchini, a fashion correspondent for Italy's largest daily newspaper, Corriere della Sera. The book came out just before Christmas, but has already become a massive best-seller with Italy’s fashion capital abuzz with all the titbits about the oh-so-private designer.

Now our Italian doesn’t extend much beyond erm, well, Prada, but Italian blog Opera House have picked out the best bits, aka Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Prada And Were Too Uncool To Ask, which we’re reproducing below.

Mrs P to her credit, has taken the expose in good spirits saying, 'I don't think I'm as big a bitch as you think, but I had fun reading it.' Pure Class.

*Young, radical Miuccia showing up at Milan's peace demonstrations and marches for women's rights during the early 1970s wearing YSL, then proceeding to wash the dishes after a communal dinner with her comrades.

* Young Miuccia showing up at a trade fair to check the bags created by tall, funny-looking Tuscan dude: 'You're ripping off my bags,' she tells her future husband Patrizio Bertelli.

* Miuccia the opera lover still singing for her closest friends her favorite arias from her favorite opera, Tosca.

* Miuccia choosing the most radical architects to design her stores, because she can. Maybe the stores eventually are so unique that the clothes are neither that visible nor well-lit, because maybe the stores end up looking more like art galleries? It's OK. Because she can.

* Miuccia choosing the coolest photographers, so what if the clothes aren't that visible in the ads? The images are striking and memorable and that's what counts.

* Miuccia the art lover who created a big Foundation to promote modern art that quickly became one of Europe's leading cultural centers.

* Miuccia and Patrizio making some funny business choices, getting badly burned by the post 9/11 downturn, getting a huge load of debt to finance their revolutionary company and keep it afloat in very unrevolutionary times.

* Miuccia's husband Patrizio smashing the mirrors in Miu Miu's NYC store 'because they make everybody look fat'. Patrizio who acquires the House of Fendi and plans to immediately fire its creative director, Karl Lagerfeld.


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