Get out your diary! Saturday is International Swishing Day!

06 January 2010


In the immortal words of the SATC girls, 'One woman’s trash is another one’s treasure.'

We have a hunch that they were talking about recycling old boyfriends, but for those of us on the lookout for fashion rather than a man (and who aren't on first name terms with the staff of the local Manolo Blahnik boutique) we may as well apply the principle to our rejected clothes, get recycling and get some gorgeous outfits and trinkets for FREE!

Clothes-swapping, as it used to be called, has been rebranded as ‘swishing’ and it’s all the rage. There’s an official website and what better time of year to hold the ‘International Day of Swishing’ than now, the second week of January, when glumness due to depleted bank balances and unwanted items from Christmas lying around is rife?

Of course there’s nothing to stop you organising your own swishing party, but this Saturday, highly organised public swishes will be taking place up and down the country. From London and Brighton up to Edinburgh and York, women will be swapping furiously. See listings here.

No money will be changing hands, but there are rules that items have to be of good quality and in good condition (it’s not a jumble sale) because the whole idea is that things that may not fit or suit you can enjoy a new lease of life with someone else. Now, doesn’t that make you feel more virtuous than sticking to your new year's detox for a whole day?


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