Sadie Frost: Grazia's Guest Editor!

05 January 2010

So, as you may have noticed, Sadie Frost is Guest Editor for our new issue, which is out today! We caught up with Sadie in our offices (Yep, she was actually here, actually Guest Editing!), to find out how it all went...

Grazia Daily: Hi Sadie, so we’re very excited that you’ve been guest editing Grazia. We thought we’d have a little chat with you about what you loved, what you hated, what surprised you about being editor of a magazine and how it’s all gone…

Sadie Frost: Well, first of all, I was really flattered to have been asked and I really, really enjoyed it. At first I was quite overwhelmed with how much work it was. I didn’t want to just say I was going to do it and not really do it. So I tried to get involved with as much as I could.

I was working at Frost French, working on my other projects at the moment, and the kids, so I would have loved to have been here every day, but that hasn’t happened. But I’ve been here quite a lot and I've been down to the shoots and written some pieces and introductions and done a bit of research, so it’s all been really good.

When I was asked to do it, I didn’t realise I was actually going to be stripping off naked. That kind of happened, I don’t know how it happened…over coffee I was suddenly like “yeah yeah..fine.” And then suddenly the reality was that I was doing it, and it was in some ways quite liberating, but in other ways I was really terrified.

We did a closed set and I chose a photographer I felt comfortable with, because I am actually one of those people...I don’t like ripping my clothes off and walking round naked. I am quite conservative, believe it or not.

It was a liberating thing to do, but I did feel slightly uncomfortable. So I wanted to be in the most comfortable surroundings. But the great thing about it was having control. The whole issue for me, the reason I wanted to do it, was because I wanted to put such emphasis on being healthy and holistic. And I felt that there’s been so much pressure on women, and I’ve noticed such a negative movement over the last few years on how peoples’ bodies should be. Really, I just think it’s sending out the wrong message to women. So I thought it would be really good, and that’s what I talked to everyone at Grazia [about] and they’ve been incredibly supportive with doing something that was much more realistic. So there’s no airbrushing; what you see is what you get, and I just wanted to give people some idea about healthier options and not to be too extreme or too punishing, and be a bit kinder to ourselves and maybe be a bit more sisterly, and that’s what I enjoyed talking about doing.

And it’s been nice being here and seeing how it’s actually a lot calmer than I would have thought. When you watch how magazines are run on a tv series, it’s all crazy and everyone’s throwing things at each other and shouting at each other. But actually, there’s a nice sense of calm, everyone’s really lovely and it’s really nice to see what happens behind the scenes of a magazine.

Grazia Daily: Well, you did very well, we absolutely loved having you in, so thank you very much!


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