Moufarrige: “The retirement has nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan”

21 December 2009


When we reported last week on CEO Mounir Moufarrige leaving Ungaro, well, we were pretty convinced he was jumping ship because of the whole Lindsay Lohan debacle. But au contraire, according to a statement from the man himself.

"It's my decision," he said. "It's not a total departure, except for operational duties. [The resignation] has nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan at all. The strategy is set for Ungaro and that's it."
LiLo was bought into the label as Artistic Advisor earlier this year by Moufarrige (who is known for his risky appointments after replacing Karl Lagerfeld with newcomer Stella McCartney in 1997 when he was President of Chloe), but the critical panning of her debut collection means his gamble is so far yet to pay off. Publically standing by his decision to recruit the Hollywood actress (who will remain at Ungaro), Moufarrige has said he’s retiring to focus on his other business projects including his watch companies U-Boat and Welder.
Now, while we can understand the desire to move on to greener - much greener in this case - pastures, we reckon he should just call a spade a spade (apologies for the ongoing garden lingo) and acknowledge why he might really be leaving the label. Because, if we were him, we would probably throw in the towel too… [WWD]


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