Madonna 'Most Written About' of the Noughties

21 December 2009

Highly-trained statisticians have been combing the British press from the last ten years to see who or what was the most written about subject  – The figures have been totted up and a clear winner has emerged. Madonna has had 45,633 articles all about her (17,000 more mentions than her nearest rival Robbie Williams). VB and David Beckham were only 6th and 7th .

Lets look back at all the things her Madgeness has got up to since 1999:

The Next Best Thing

Madonna starred in the movie The Next Best Thing in 2000.with her GBF in real life, Rupert Everett. Rupert revealed in his autobiography that his nickname for Madonna was ‘The Curious little Thing’ Curiouser and curiouser was to come . . . .


Madonna released her album, Music in September 2000. This went to number 1 in more than 20 countries and brought women all over the world out in a rash of Cowboy boots and Stetson. Yee-hah!

Madonna & Guy

Meanwhile this was the year Madonna hooked up with mockney film director Guy Richie, (they first met in 1999 through mutual friends Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler) .The Queen of Pop was never one to sit around daydreaming, and on August 11th 2000, their son Rocco appeared on the scene. Later that year, Madonna and Ritchie married in Scotland in swanky venue Skibo Castle.

In 2002, his‘n’hers film project Swept Away was released. Unfortunately it was a commercial and critical failure and went straight to video. Later that year, she released the title song Die Another Day for the James Bond film, (in which she had a cameo role) so it wasn’t all bad on the movie front for Mrs Richie.

2003 was the year of the three-way snog with, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. This was in aid of her song Hollywood which she performed with the girls plus Missy Elliott (who perhaps declined the offer of tongue sarnie?) at the MTV Video Music Awards.

On a completely different note, Madonna published her first one children’s book The English Roses the same year. It later peaked at the top of New York Times Best Seller list, perhaps because she donned such a lovely floral frock and retro specs to promote it.


Confessions on a Dance Floor was released in November 2005 and heralded the return of leotards and Farrah Fawcett flick ups. The dancey album went to number one in all major music markets.

By mid-2006, fashion clothing line H&M had signed Madonna to model for their campaigns. The next year, the clothing line M by Madonna was launched internationally, so we could all emulate our heroine in velour tracksuits at budget prices.

Madonna's Confessions Tour began in May 2006. It was while traveling around that she was to meet the next man in her life – Baby David. While in Malawi to fund an orphanage as part of the Raising Malawi initiative she filed adoption papers for teeny David Banda Mwale. The adoption was finalized on May 28, 2008. Madonna was never out of the papers during this time, receiving so much flack she even went on Oprah Winfrey's show to set things straight.

In 2008 she also found time to produce and write I Am Because We Are, a documentary on the problems faced by Malawians, AND direct another one entitled Filth and Wisdom. Both of these fared better with the critics than her previous forays into film, so perhaps its a good idea for her to stay behind rather than in front of the camera...
As well as the release of her album, Hard Candy Madge had a spot of bother with her brother Christopher, who wrote Life with My Sister Madonna, which annoyed her. Although it didn’t reveal anything particularly new, it did portray her as a bit stingy and Guy as being homophobic in Christopher's view.
After a year or two of muttering and rumours, (including one about Madonna and NY Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod for short) Madonna filed for divorce from husband Guy Ritchie in October 2008. The separation became final in December. The pair exchanged more than a few cross words, Madonna on stage and Mr Richie to the press. Its reported that they are on much more civillised terms these days though.
Newly single Madonna decided to adopt again from Malawi. The country's High Court initially approved the adoption of Chifundo "Mercy" James. Then it was all off. Then, after an appeal or two it was back on. Phew!


She became the face of Louis Vuitton, which is designed by her great mate Marc Jacobs. The pics were shot by Stephen Meisel, an old mate from back in the days of who Madonna’s infamous ‘Sex’ book, featuring yoga positions in fishnets along with the posh handbags.
Madonna chummed up with Brazilian model, Jesus Luz this year, after meeting him on a photoshoot. She also included a sexy scene with him in the video for Celebration, this autumn’s single AS WELL as her daughter Lourdes, who was doing a bit of body-popping.

Madonna + Jesus

Madonna is still in the papers today – not only is she the most written about figure of the noughties, but she’s on page 30 of Grazia, out tomorrow in the new campaign for Dolce & Gabbana. Does she ever have a break?


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