Pamela Anderson's Panto Wardrobe!

15 December 2009

Pamela Anderson

Ok, picture the scene. Aladdin has just found himself trapped inside the Cave of Wonders. Gems, treasure, a monkey and a magic carpet, plus a rusty old lamp… And, while trying to work out his escape plan, Aladdin accidentally rubs the lamp and who comes out? Well, would y’know, it’s Pamela Anderson! Didn’t see that one coming, did ya? But yes, it’s true - Pammy is making her panto debut tonight as the genie in Aladdin at the New Wimbledon theatre. And, as exciting as this is, we were even more intrigued when we found out who was designing her wardrobe for the part… none other than uber-mysterious high-fashion Brit label Vin and Omi. Just check out these pictures of what they have created for her – beeeautiful!

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson

The intriguing pair usually steer clear of the spotlight, preferring to protect their clientele and let their work speak for itself. But we managed to catch up with the duo to ask them about this genie-us (ha) collaboration, working with the iconic star (or ‘Pam’, as they call her), and channelling Baywatch…

How did the collaboration with Pamela come about?

Vin and Omi: We share the same management. Peter Asher is Hollywood's crème de la crème of celebrity managers. He has managed a whole range of celebrities such as Joni Mitchell. He has also worked with the Beatles and Cher on projects and used to be in a duo called Peter and Gordon. Peter seems to be a magnet for exciting artists. We were thrilled when he saw our work and wanted to represent us. We are flattered. Peter is Pamela's personal manager and he showed her our work. We met and hit it off - we have the same sense of humour. We have a rule that we only work with people we like and humour is a great bond.

What was she like to work with?

Vin and Omi: Fun all the way and it’s great because she is a perfectionist and pays attention to detail

How did you go about the design process?

Vin and Omi: The design process started with us looking at how we could combine the traditional Aladdin Genie with Pamela. We decided to start from scratch and reject any initial traditional Genie or Aladdin costume; we wanted to do this differently. We wanted to bring 'the essence of Pam' to the show. We drew up a list of things that were important and decided that somehow we had to incorporate, fun, Pam's identity, Baywatch, elegance, Arabian themes, genie images and a sense of WOW. We developed the Baywatch concept to have Pam arriving on a glitter surfboard! Vin and Omi are working with Swarovski on this project. They have generously donated £5000 worth of crystals for the outfit - that’s over 20,000 crystals that will be used in all of the outfits.

Did Pamela have any input into the design process?

Vin and Omi: We were in daily contact with Pam throughout the design process and discussed every small detail with her. It’s great that she gets so passionate about her work. She wanted to add a burlesque element into the mix and added fishnet tights and great shoes. Pam had many great ideas throughout the process and it was inspiring to work with someone so enthusiastic.

Were there any funny moments or set-backs with Pamela during the design or fitting process?

Vin and Omi: It’s very funny designing by blackberry from London to LA. We made the costumes in London and the Cotswolds and we would get daily emails at 4 in the morning. As we are all working on lots of other projects it was very funny trying to keep up with the emails. Often we were answering the wrong ones as there could be more than 20 a day.

Why do you think Pamela's such an iconic actress?

Vin and Omi: Obviously beauty is part of the iconic image. But I think it is very rare to find exceptional beauty that can self parody and really enjoy life. Many celebrities are too scared about being themselves. Pam throws herself into life with gusto and care. Her work with Peta is a huge part of what she is about and like Bridget Bardot will go down in history as a great beauty that gave something back to the world.

You usually work under the radar and avoid the spotlight - why break with tradition for this particular project?

Vin and Omi: We respect the celebrities we dress and never discuss or exploit the connection. So for this first phase in our career we have developed an exciting, eclectic celebrity and high profile mix of clients. If the client wears our clothes for an event and wants to mention us... that's fine. You'll see our clothes on a diverse range of people like Grayson Perry, Debbie Harry and recently Vicky T, she’s a hot hot new singer from a band called Cobra Starship that is knocking America dead. She's our latest muse and looks great in our clothes. So if a high profile person wants to discuss who makes their clothes that’s great - but we are equally happy knowing who we have dressed. With this particular project there was nowhere to hide! This is panto and since we teamed up with Swarovski it’s important that we talk about our connection with them as they have been great at supporting new ways of thinking in fashion. We hope to have a long relationship with them as many of our USA music and film outfits require that amazing sparkle.

You're releasing your RTW line in 2010 - what can we expect from the collection?

Vin and Omi: Vin and Omi were going to launch a ready to wear two years ago, but we suddenly got catapulted into the amazing world of one off couture garments and exciting people and time has whizzed by. We have slapped ourselves hard and calmed down and started on our ready to wear collection. It is called the Moth Collection and we've coined the phrase 'Edgy Nature' to describe it. We are working with great silks and fabrics. We have also developed great shoes, bags and jewellery to accompany it. We are so excited about releasing it. It’s like giving birth to triplets (I would imagine).

vin and omivin and omi

- Alex Davies


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