Day 14: Our festive guilty pleasure

14 December 2009

Today, lovely people, Grazia Daily has an extra-special gift hiding behind the red door for you. Fresh from his appearance on the weekend’s X Factor final shows, we bring you George Michael in ‘Last Christmas’. Aided by Andrew Ridgely and one of the best pieces of 80’s cinematography this side of ‘Dirty Dancing’, watching this makes us feel more festive than wearing sequins on a weekday.

For those of you not au fait with the video, Grazia Daily has helpfully compiled some pointers for you (see below) to highlight some crucial points.

So sit back, grab one of the chocolates that have mysteriously appeared in the kitchen and press play. Then, if you’re computer is anything like ours, wait seven hours for it to buffer and press play again. And enjoy!


0.11. Two jeeps pull up to a picturesque chalet. It later transpires that one of the jeeps is needed solely to carry hairspray.

0.30. George discovers that he is on one of those nightmare holidays where everyone else is in a couple, and to add insult to injury one of the couples comprises his ex girlfriend and his bandmate. We would SO not have gone.

0.42. George is all smiles here, but the pain in his eyes is almost unbearable. We think he goes back to the chalet and listens to Joni Mitchell after this.

1.08. Shirley and Pepsi lay the table whilst the others decorate the tree. Badly. Does anyone else feel a bit sorry for Shirley and Pepsi?

1.11. Look! It’s one of Spandau Ballet carrying some logs!

1.40. George pouts in a fur snood.

2.07. Gooseberry!

2.17. As everyone sits down for some tasty festive fayre, the ex (who is apparently a sadist) gently signals towards her Nan’s brooch. Hang on a minute! It’s the brooch George bought for her last year! Cow.

2.45. George seems to be taking style tips from Ronnie Wood at this point. Men in Uggs? Never. Ever. Not even in the snow. And especially not with a full-length overcoat, à la Michael Lohan.

2.55. Wait a minute – isn’t that the same tomato coloured silk shirt that the guy at 2.07 is wearing? What IS this madness?

3.21. Erm, this is getting a tad confusing. Are we in the present day or not? Has he forgiven her? And what about Andrew? It’s like the fourth season of Lost all over again.

3.47. We have given up on the narrative now. Mmm; snow.

- Alex Butt


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