VIDEO: Vivienne Westwood on Why Kate is Great!

10 December 2009

kate moss vivienne westwood

When the British Fashion Council announced it was searching for the style icon who best embodies ‘the spirit of London…as a leading creative fashion capital…’ we couldn’t help but think of Kate Moss.
And last night, sure enough, it was the British supermodel who was finally named as the winner of the London 25 award; a one-off honour to celebrate 25 years of London Fashion Week, voted for by the public, to find someone that makes ‘London a cultural force in the global fashion industry.’
Moss was chosen from 25 names, which now form the British Fashion Council’s ‘Power List’ of the ‘25 most influential people working in Britain’s fashion industry today’.
The supermodel was presented the award by Dame Vivienne Westwood, who also appears on the Power List, and was accompanied by Sir Philip Green, (also a BFC Power Lister).
Moss has made no secret of the fact that she is a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood’s style and it seems the feeling’s mutual. The pair had a bit of a love-in on the red carpet as the designer told us why she thinks Kate is great…

How are you feeling tonight because this is a great night for Kate?
PG: Lousy! [big grin]
Are you like the proud parents?
KM: No! [looks horrified]
PG: No. These two ladies are what London is about in their own way. Dame Vivienne and Kate epitomise everything that’s great about this industry [and] London. They’ve both got their own unique style and you don’t get 28 [magazine] covers and you don’t last and do what Vivienne’s managed to don’t learn how to do it, you’ve got natural talent, and both, in their own way… that’s what they’re great at.
That’s quite an accolade, how do you feel to hear that?
VW: It’s something that occurs to me quite often, every time I see Kate. I’m not just saying that just because she’s here but it really is true. I’ve said it before when she wasn’t here, ‘who is one of the best dressed people?’ She’s got such feeling for the clothes, she always looks really, really amazing. I mean most models don’t do what she does – they just go round in T-shirts and jeans, but she’s brilliant. Fashion’s here to help, isn’t it? It’s supposed to make you look better.
KM: I’ve been wearing Vivienne Westwood since I was 14. I saved up for my prostitute shoes when I was at school. That’s what I saved up for, my crotch [length] minis and my corsets that’s what I dressed in, so to be standing here with her, ahhh! It’s better than the Oscars!
VW: I think one of the best things you ever did was the advertising for Calvin Klein when you were a little girl about 14 and she was just lying with no clothes on, on a bed.
KM: Oh naked!
VW: And ever since that, she doesn’t care. She really doesn’t. She doesn’t give a f*** about it. She’s really good about all that and I think it’s changed attitudes. I think it’s really good the way she feels about her nakedness and her body. And she’s not thin, she’s normal, she always has been. Maybe she just photographs thin…


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