VIDEO: Grace Coddington talks!

10 December 2009

grace coddington

There’s one name in particular that seems to be on everyone’s minds this morning, and that’s Grace Coddington. Elegant and unbelievably humble, she captured our fashion hearts after emerging as the surprising true star of The September Issue and gave the most endearing speech when she won the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator last night. This prestigious award is given to a photographer, stylist, creative director, hair or make-up artist whose work has helped shape the industry, and we can't think of anyone more deserving.

'She kept saying how she hadn’t really done anything, and we were all like "Whaaat?!’” exclaimed our executive fashion and beauty director Charlie Miller, but it’s that down-to-earth attitude that makes her absolutely incredible, non? We caught up with the lady herself to give our congratulations, and she filled us in on the perks of being a redhead, modelling in the swinging ‘60s, and the 'interesting men' in her life…


Grace, we’re huge fans of yours at Grazia Daily and we’re really pleased you’ve won this award!

Grace: Me too.

Can you tell us what it means to you?

Grace: It means it’s incredibly heavy and I don’t know how the hell I’m going to get it back across the Atlantic without paying over-weight! No, I’m very proud to own it, I really am.

It’s sort of been a while since you were working in England, hasn’t it? Because you were working at British Vogue a few years ago…

Grace: I left in ’87, something like that, so it’s been a long while, yes.

And before that you were modelling in the ‘60s, can you tell us what designers you were modelling for?

Grace: Well, it was people like Mary Quant and all the then up-and-coming young French designers too. It was the whole beginning of the ready-to-wear thing, because when I started as a model it was all couture or unnamed designers. And then suddenly the whole young thing came along, which was really exciting, particularly as I was young. For me, I always felt it started with Mary Quant and I used to do her fashion shows a long time ago.

We saw Karen Elson on the red carpet earlier and she said she’d been hugely influenced by you in her career and by your style…

Grace: I did a story with her where I had her play me. I love Karen, she gave me my award and then fell off the stage!

We were asking her earlier what was the greatest thing about being a redhead, and she said that you attract more interesting men. We were wondering if you had something you thought was great about being a redhead?

Grace: Oh, I thought you were going to ask me how many interesting men I’ve attracted!

You can tell us that too!

Grace: Well, I don’t know, it’s obviously been the same one for quite a long time now. Well I think it’s that you’re different when you’re a redhead, you’re like a minority and I quite like being a minority. You’re a minority no one is mean to, because usually minorities get some kind of problem.

It seems at the moment a lot of women are dying their hair red, maybe you’re partly responsible for that…

Grace: Maybe!


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