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30 November 2009

dolce and gabbana

At the end of October, two tweets were posted on Twitter in quick succession ‘I'm on tweeter.......finally!!!’ followed by ‘Who follow me?’ And so the twitterverse fell head over heels in love with Stefano Gabbana. His joyful embracing of the medium of twitter has been a delight to behold, from the 4am post ‘I wanna go to a club!!! Now..’ to ‘Lady gaga in london!!!! Thank you gaga.... ;-)’, with a picture of the singer wearing a black lace bodysuit by Dolce & Gabbana. And teasers like ‘I love....love....love.... Madonna!!’ on 4th November, before her starring role in their ad campaign was officially announced…

But then, we’d expect nothing less from the designer, who along with partner Domenico Dolce, brought us the brilliantly gossipy website www.swide.com, as well as their superchic e-commerce site www.dolcegabbana.com

We caught up with the designers to find out their technology loves and hates…


GD: 1. Which is your most gadget-friendly bag (for carrying your laptop, mobile phone etc). Perhaps you might also like to recommend a gadget-friendly women's Dolce & Gabbana bag for our readers?

Domenico Dolce: In our spring/summer 2010 D&G collection, we showcased the ‘Jeri bags’. They’re perfect for girls who want to carry around their iPods, phones, lipstick and dance with their hands in the air!

jeri dolce and gabbana


JERI Bag by D&G

GD: 2. Which are your favourite style blogs / websites?
Stefano Gabbana: I love BryanBoy, The Sartorialist, Garance Dorè and Tommy Ton’s pictures from his blog Jack & Jil. I’m also a fan of the Italian, River Blog (www.river-blog.com), I check my news daily on the Italian newspaper site Corriere della Sera and for my gossip fix it has to be Perez Hilton!

GD: 3. What was the last item you bought online?
Stefano Gabbana: Cinema tickets for Michael Jackson’s film, This Is It.
Domenico Dolce: Old books

GD: 4. What's the most gorgeous gadget you own?
Stefano Gabbana: A Flip video camera – it’s perfect for capturing holiday footage!
Domenico Dolce: I recently bought a new Canon compact camera that I’m always using…


GD: 4. PC or Mac?
Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce: PC

GD: 6. iPhone or Blackberry?
Stefano Gabbana: Both!
Domenico Dolce: Neither – I’m considering to buy an iPhone but I’m going to need lessons…!

GD: 7. Facebook or Twitter?
Stefano Gabbana: Twitter (Twitter/stefanogabbana)

GD: 8. Any apps you can't live without?
Stefano Gabbana: I love application zapping – I surf continually on the application store…


GD: 9. Which MP3 player do you own, and what does it look like?
Stefano Gabbana: I usually listen to music on my iPhone
Domenico Dolce: I have an iPod Touch

GD: 10. Which bands are currently on your MP3?
Stefano Gabbana: Mika, Madonna, and 80’s Italian songs
Domenico Dolce: I like to listen to literally everything – I have a mix of chart stuff and classics on my play lists.


GD: 11. Which completely outmoded technology can't you give up? (e.g. a record player, a manual camera, a pager, a walkman)
Stefano Gabbana: In the office the fax! At home I still use a record player so I can play my vinyl collection.
Domenico Dolce: I love to sketch – I take a pencil and notebook everywhere I go.


GD: 12. What would be your dream Dolce & Gabbana gadget? And what would it look like?
Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce: Honestly – it’s a project we’ve just released – a Jalou handset. It has accessories -- to protect the phone, store the charger, and to carry bits and pieces around with you – plus it has some exclusive backstage footage from our shows, which always makes me smile!

dolce and gabbana

 Jalou by Dolce&Gabbana - the new Sony Ericsson limited edition mobile phone

- Angela Buttolph


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