Is this the worst month in fashion ever?

18 November 2009

leighton meester

Style watchers everywhere are starting to wonder – what is up with the fashion universe? November 2009 looks set to go down in history as the moment our favourite style icons collectively lost their fashion mojo.

Generally, celebrities break down into two groups: those who can be relied on to look terrible at any given moment, and those who, by dint of some God-given gift, always know the right thing to wear. But this month, everything is changing.

Anna Wintour

The warning shot was seeing Anna Wintour in jeans. Yes, denim. The usually dressed-to-the-nines Editrix appeared outside the Ritz dressed to the zeros in bleachy blue slim-fit jeans that made us wonder if we were actually looking at some kind of diversionary stunt double.

carine roitfeld

Next up, Carine Roitfeld, editor of French Vogue, whose sexy sleek aesthetic is not only hot, but always faultless in its execution. Only last month, we’d been admiring her resurrection of a chic Tom Ford YSL lace pencil skirt from 2003. But last week the foxy fashionista wore a lace skirt of a different kind, a skirt that was entirely see-through and revealed her knickers, as if we had all somehow gatecrashed her own private anxiety dream.

Seriously, if Vogue editors are starting to lose it in the style stakes, what hope is there for the rest of us?



mary kate ashley olsen

There’s no denying the Olsen twins lean towards the more experimental end of the style spectrum, but this week Mary-Kate finally crossed the line from edgy to fallen off the edge. Was it the Hamburglar hat? The icky plum lipstick? Or the pulled-out-of-a-skip Kelly bag? (come on, there’s vintage, and then there’s crumpled and dusty...). We can totally get on board with the twins’ billionaire bag-lady vibe – giant cocktail rings, ladylike bags, fabulous furry jackets, even a soignée turban – but when it tips over into crazy old cat lady, we’re not down with that.

leighton meesterleighton meester

But we feel most let down by Leighton Meester. Admittedly, Grazia had already put the Gossip Girl on style probation after she appeared at this year’s Met ball in a jack-in-the-box costume but, last night, the actress-turned-singer turned up to perform at a NY store opening in two outfits so mind-janglingly horrible that Blair Waldorf would almost certainly have slapped her. The first, a Katie Price-style leather slut dress, was bad, but made a hundred times worse by make up that suggested Heath Ledger’s Joker had finally invested in a set of make-up brushes. The second ‘outfit’ was just a collection of awful, awful things, the highlight of which were leggings printed with a design that instantly conjured up the phrases ‘pant wetting’ and ‘female reproductive organs’.

Grazia blames Gaga. Lady G has upped the fashion anti to such an extent that everyone is now running scared and major mistakes are being made.

courtney love

To cap it all, last night in New York at Elton John’s charity gala, Courtney Love glided on to the red carpet looking poised and ladylike in a black diamanté-trim evening gown and pretty, au natural make up.

Shame on you, style icons. Shame on you all...


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