Party Beat: Graziadaily talks to Pearl Lowe at FTBC

12 November 2009

If there’s one thing that Pearl Lowe knows how to do, it’s throw a darn good party. So when she hosted a shindig in honour of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer at the Proud Galleries with a DJ set by Ben Grimes and a performance by Sophie Ellis Bextor last night, GraziaDaily was first in line to party hard for a good cause. And who better to give us the scoop than the lady herself? Check out our exclusive interview below (you’ll never guess who her secret style adviser is!) plus don’t forget to get your fashion fix from our chats with designer-slash-model-slash-DJ Ben Grimes and sexy singer Sophie Ellis Bextor too.

Pearl Lowe

How did the collaboration with FTBC come about?
I did an interview with them and then they just asked me to host it. I was honoured.

Is the cause important to you?
My aunt has just been diagnosed with breast cancer so that’s kind of affected our family. You can’t not be affected by breast cancer. Another aunt of mine died many years ago when research wasn’t as advanced. At that time, you got cancer and that was it. I don’t know if I can help in any way, I just do what I can because it’s important to help. To throw an amazing party and watch great bands, you can’t really go wrong.

What is the key to good party?
Good bands. The Cheek who played earlier were amazing! I’m a really mumsy mum at the moment - I don’t really go out that much but they were amazing! I want them to play at Daisy’s 21st birthday.

What would be your perfect band if you could have any one play?
The perfect person would be Elliott Smith because he’s my absolute hero but he’s sadly passed away. And the perfect band would be The Doors or Nirvana - all the bands which are sadly not with us.

Can you tell us about what you’re wearing tonight?
I am wearing a Marc Jacobs dress which is incredibly tight for me. It’s a size eight and I’m a twelve! I’m squeezing myself into it. I have my Chanel bag which has a Supergrass sticker stuck to it that won’t come off. My mum lent me the bag and was very angry with me because I’d ruined it. She said “It won’t come off, have it back!”

Can you tell us about your last fashion purchase?
A Marc by Marc Jacobs dress which is odd because I’m really into vintage as everybody knows so I don’t really wear a lot of designer stuff but I went into Liberty’s and I saw the dress and just had to have it!

What are your vintage styling tips?
I think with vintage you have to be careful in the sense that it has to work for you. If you have an hourglass figure, then a 50’s style will work well with you, but if you’re skinny then stick to clothes from the 60s or 70s. You have to be careful to wear what fits your body well. I always wear 30s and 40s because I have big boobs and they cover my big bum so people say, “You don’t look like a size 12 Pearl!”

Do you often shop in Camden?
I haven’t been here for years, after moving out of London five years ago. Walking up Camden’s cobbled streets tonight was a reminder of when I lived here for twelve years and raid the vintage stores every Saturday and Sunday, without fail! Obviously it’s changed and that upsets me - I find myself saying, “what’s happened to that shop?” and “look at that shop!”

How are you finding living in the countryside?
I love living there. I don’t come out of my wellies, they are permanently attached. I got a new nanny this week - because I have a full time job after signing up with Peacocks for three years - and she turned up for work in her wellies. She intitally thought she shouldn’t take them but then saw her boss has got them on too!

The last time we spoke to you, you'd just launched your new line with Peacocks. How's it going?
I’m so excited about Peacocks. I thought it was just going to be one collection but they loved what I did so much that they have signed me up for another three years. The dresses sold out in half an hour online which is just amazing! The Daphne dress is the best seller and is going to carry on in each collection but in different colours. It’s called Daphne because it comes from a dress I had from the 70’s and I thought that’s quite a 70’s name!

Natalie Imbruglia wore the red lace dress, is there anyone else you would like to see wearing it?
I love the way Natalie Portman dresses. And Alice Dellal who I met the other day and she was so pretty! She’d look amazing in the dress but maybe I’m too girly for her although I am bringing some really cool trousers and tops to the next collection.

Can you tell us some more about those?
There’s going to be lots of colour but keeping that vintage look with camisole tops and capes, lovely suits trousers which are very elegant but quite girly.

What are your style tips?
Get your flares out again! I bought my three year old daughter some the other day but she cried so much when she wore them to school and started hitting me! When I picked her up, she was just wearing her tights and a top – she’d taken them off as soon as I left!

We heard Victoria Beckham’s son gives her style advice, does your daughter do that for you?
Betty is going to be involved in fashion, I have absolutely no doubt about it. I get something out of the wardrobe and she’ll say “Mum, that does not go with that!” We went to a Hello Kitty fashion show and she said “I’m going to be a model when I’m older”. Betty Lowe is going to hit!

Pearl Lowe

Any beauty tips?
Don’t have more than two kids because your hair starts falling out! I had 2 strands left so had it all cut off. If I had really thick luscious hair like Daisy I’d wear it long. As for beauty tips, I’ve had the same style since I was 14 years old and although everyone tells me I should change my look, I just stick with it.

Heels or flats?
Wellies for when it’s raining, muddy and you’re in the country, walking the dogs. But overall, I’d say heels without a doubt. When you come to London, everyone is so skinny and wearing heels so then I put them back on.



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