EXCLUSIVE: Amber Le Bon: what ‘Mama’ (and Daddy) taught me about style

30 October 2009

amber le bon

Ever since we saw that photo of the Le Bon ladies we’ve been a bit obsessed. And now the eldest Le Bon daughter, the gorgeous Amber, is modelling alongside Yasmin in the campaign for the latest YLB collection for Wallis. We really can’t work out what we’re more jealous of Amber inheriting: her mother’s striking beauty, or her to-die-for wardrobe and sense of style. So we asked Amber to write for us about what it’s like growing up with that fashion legacy….

amber le bon

* I think that with Mama she manages to make everything look effortless and easy, and that's partly to do with the fact that she always wears clothes she feels comfortable in.

* My own style is kinda schizophrenic as I like to change things around a bit, but Mama did show me her [Wallis] sketches and asked my opinion. I helped out a little with some things, but she had a definite idea of what she wanted.

* My favourite pieces are the burgundy high-neck jumper dress which I'm constantly wearing, the little black skirt with box pleats, which I love as it’s so flirty and moves really well when you walk, and the leather trousers. We now argue about who wears what when we go out as we'll both want to wear the same thing!

yasmin le bon

* Mama always has said it’s important to take care of yourself, although in my case she probably meant that quite literally as I was always, and still am, quite accident prone! But I think really as long as you look healthy and happy that can make a not so great outfit look wonderful.

* Hmmm, what have I learnt [about style] from Daddy? Well, I steal all his shirts and jumpers! I think that because I've seen all of the stage outfits he wore at gigs that as a child I developed a love for sequins and sparkles, which I still have now. I'm a sucker for a little embellishment!

* It doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks of what you're wearing as long as you like it and you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in it.

amber le bon

* I don't really have a first memory of Mama's fashion sense, but I do remember her wearing some amazing dresses. One was a green lace Anthony Price dress which is now mine.

* Mama's very elegant which gets filtered down into our styles a bit. Me and my sisters have similar styles and we always try to wear each others clothes, although, we mainly borrow Mama's clothes.

* Mama has this gorgeous long cream Ossie Clark dress which I love and can't wait to get my hands on! She's also got this little, purple, old Prada dress with dark orange square gems sewn around the hem and neck line which I love wearing. And I've already commandeered a pair of Chloe boots which I live in.

amber le bon

* Mama's one rule is that none of us are allowed to wear anything before she does! I have never really ruined anything of hers but I have managed to stretch a couple of pairs of her shoes, which she's then had to give to me. I was very happy!

Xx Amber


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