We get wired with... Frida Giannini

26 October 2009

frida giannini

Grazia Daily loves a bit of sexy technology, and who better to tell us about her go-to gadgets than Frida Giannini, creative director at Gucci, which last week launched the seriously glam social networking site Eyeweb, AND an iPhone music app in collaboration with Mark Ronson. (Go, Gucci!)...

GD: 1. Which is your most gadget-friendly bag?
FG: My black python New Bamboo bag: the new larger size fits everything and has pockets for my cell and i-Phone. It’s also coated in a technical rubber which makes its rather futuristic. I never carry around my laptop—it stays on my desk in Rome.


GD: 2. Which are you favourite style blogs/websites?
FG: Style.com is indispensable for every fashion designer.

GD: 3. What was the last item you bought online?
FG: A pair of vintage Helmut Lang pants on yoox.com

GD: 4. What's the most gorgeous gadget you own?
FG: I was recently given a machine that transfers vinyl records into dvds or mp3. I’m not really sure how it works but I think it’s fantastic.


GD: 5. PC or Mac ?
FG: Mac for sure: I’m a designer! I have the super-slim AIR.

GD: 6. iPhone or BlackBerry?
FG: BlackBerry for work and an iPhone for play.

GD: 7. Facebook or Twitter?
FG: It’s a world I love but I’m staying away from it. I’ve already had my identity stolen three times on Facebook so I had to pull it, it’s just too hard to manage. But we have the Gucci Facebook page which I think is a great way to connect with our fans.

GD: 8. Any apps you can't live without?
FG: I’ve been mixing my own songs on our new Gucci app non-stop since it launched. It’s so much fun.

GD: 9. Which bands are currently on your MP3?
FG: There are thousands of them but I’m currently listening to a lot of The Gossip, Beck, Air, and David Bowie.

GD: 10. Which MP3 player do you own, and what does it look like?
FG: I use an i-Phone. It’s black and shiny.


GD: 11. Which completely outmoded technology can't you give up?
FG: My old-school Technics record player. I have over 8,000 vinyls at home and they would be useless without my turntable.

GD: 12. What would be your dream Gucci gadget? And what would it look like?
FG: I’m not fond of flying so I’d love a Gucci Teleport like in Star Trek. Beam me up Gucci.


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