Obsession du jour: gap-toothed girls

21 October 2009

Vanessa Paradis georgia may jagger

And you thought the ultimate beauty statement this season was red lipstick. Turns out winter ’09 is all about having a gap between your front teeth. Why else would both Chanel and Rimmel sign gappy girls this week to front their new cosmetics campaigns?

Vanessa Paradis (whose tombstone teeth didn’t stop her pulling Johnny Depp, grrr) is now the face of Rouge Coco, Chanel’s new lipstick line, and Georgia ‘dental space’ Jagger has just been announced as the new face of Rimmel London. Interesting.

So what’s going on? ‘People just don’t believe in all the airbrushed perfection any more, so big labels are starting to be a bit more experimental with their casting.’ says Grazia’s beauty director Annabel Jones, who sees this as a reaction to the current clone army of bland blonde models. ‘It’s about bringing reality and a bit of character back to beauty – people want to see someone they can relate to.’

lara stone

And gappy teeth aren’t just normal – they’re cool. Model Lara Stone has the same gap-toothed pout as her lookalike Brigitte Bardot. 'Without that flaw she’d be too perfect, but her teeth make her kooky, it’s what you remember about her; what makes her stand out. I think we’re going to see more beauty companies championing more individual-looking girls,’ predicts Jones.

If possible, 17-year-old Georgia Jagger’s dental imperfections make her look even younger. ‘It’s quite cute and young – it says school teeth,’ says Annabel.

When it comes to less-than-flawless front teeth, the original and still the best was ’70s supermodel Lauren Hutton, who refused to have hers corrected and became the poster girl for natural beauty.

lauren hutton

And as the Grazia beauty girls have pointed out, anyone can have perfect teeth now, because veneers and whitening products have never been cheaper. Ugh, nice teeth – so common..


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