PPQ's Amy Molyneaux on Adidas, THAT model casting and Peaches Geldof!

19 October 2009

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We first wrote about this genius collab between Adidas and beyond-cool London label PPQ way back in March, and now it's finally here! Back then, Amy told us, 'We're collaborating with Adidas for A/W ‘09 to create a high range sportswear collection. Although PPQ girls love a good dress, it's cool to have options for your wardrobe. And we're designing pieces like jumper dresses but then styling them against brothel creepers.'

As you can see (in this amazing photoshoot by Rankin), it's been worth the wait... We called PPQ co-founder Amy Molyneaux to get the lowdown...

1. How did your Adidas collaboration come about?
Adidas has always been our sports wear of choice, I have given Percy Adidas for the past 10 years at Christmas.... and he's never without his bowling bag or a pair of Gazelles near by.

The idea to work on a collection together came about through chatting with Gary Aspden from Adidas, next thing we knew we were in Germany looking through the archives and hanging out in the Adidas canteen. I've always coveted the Trefoil logo and its ability to be ever stylish since its design. It defines decades of music and fashion and is an integral part of historical style It's very music related and therefore has a synergy with PPQ.

2. Sportswear with an edge seems to be everywhere at the moment, what's going on?
We don't consider 'edgy' as part of our collection with Adidas. Our designs have a nostalgic slant to the; we referenced Mohammad Ali's original boxing boots and key items such as stirrup pants that most girls seem to want for it's practical style. We are not scared of simple classics, and this is what we have offered in this collection. Hybrid sportswear has been about through history, The fabrics may have evolved but I don't really think it's any more trendy now than it was 10 years ago.

3. Have you got a favourite piece in the line?

ppq ppq

I'm partial to the bobble hat and matching mittens, as they are padded thermal fleece with a jumbo pom pom on the hat and trefoil Panda paws on the gloves so you can leave your mark on snow balls.

4. David Niven has been mentioned as an inspiration for the adidas line and for Percy's style before, why him?
David Niven is a good example of classic style, his writing is also very inspirational and I have respect for him as an actor. Anyone that's a good listener and looks that stylish can be on our Christmas card list.

ppq ppq

5. Do you have a style icon?
We have a love of great classics, from Breton stripes to big couture houses to Sophia Loren. I cant say I have one specific point of reference. But I know they are all chic and have stood the test of time, which is what good design should do. When you look at it you should feel inspired.

6. PPQ began in a record studio in 1992, how is music involved in the line now?
PPQ began in an old leather cutting shop on Redchurch street Which was turned into an art gallery and sold works to Saatchi. It later became a recording studio for PPQ records which was later re named 1234 records and launched the 1234 Shoreditch festival Music will always be integral to PPQ as it inspires us, we help young bands and we always put on events where we meet new people and get inspired to do the next thing

7. What's on your ipod?
Burning Spear by Jimmy Smith.

8. What's the one thing you can't do without at the moment?
My felt tips and sketch book... they come everywhere with me.

9. What's the perfect way to wear drainpipes?
With the Adidas PPQ striped turtle neck and some massive heels.

10. Would you take PPQ beyond London?
PPQ is available on line, so I suppose you might even be able to buy it on Mars! The world is a small place with the internet. As for a shop or something like that we will probably open one in NY or LA.

11. What's your fashion pet peeve?
Cheap shoes. You can buy vintage clothes and wear costume jewellery, but don't spoil it with a bad shoe...

12. What should every girl be wearing this autumn?
Green... a royal shade of green like Emerald. It's festive and a change from red. Also; good crepe sole wedges and a long gothic dress for the winter nights.

Amy Molyneaux peaches

13. You're good friends with Peaches Geldof - why do you get on so well? What do you love about Peaches' style ?
Peaches has an unfiltered lust for exactly what she likes, and a massive sense of humor, and I like that. She first worked with us in our recording studio as she has a beautiful voice, she worked on tracks with Justin Anderson from Cosmetique then she came shopping in the Conduit street store and we had tea.

We have lots of great confident girls that buy PPQ....Daisy Lowe, Portia Freeman, Amber Le Bon, Alex Dellal, Jamie Winstone, Paloma Faith, Adele, Maquita...We have worked with most of them and have a great relationship with them all. They are all beautiful, confident girls.

Amy Molyneaux

14. How was London Fashion Week?
We spent most of Fashion Week working DJ'ing or selling our collection which went really well. The atmosphere was exciting and we showed at a new venue called The Red Bull Fashion Factory designed by My Beautiful City. They joined an events space to the show space so there was a great continuity to pre and post show...with some Champagne in between. It's time for a holiday now we are back from Paris.

15. Your model casting caused a media storm, did you see that coming? And do you feel designers are under pressure about their casting choices now?
We choose the best girls that came through the door when we were casting. Three girls turned up together and had an amazing energy. We optioned them straight away then one called her other friend and in an hour, we had 7 girls!

As for casting being important, it totally is, and yes you should be under pressure to choose well and make a good presentation to the audience who have come to be inspired and watch your show. It's about evoking the correct mood, and having the energy in the room to leave a lasting impression.

Amy Molyneaux Amy Molyneaux

16. What's next for PPQ?
We are currently shooting our new swimwear range that launches for this coming Spring/Summer. It will be available on figleaves.com After that we will be working on PPQ A/W 10 so we can then go skiing before next fashion week. November will see the launch of our new on line Boutique where you can buy exclusive PPQ clothes and accessories.


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