Mandi Lennard's Bistrotheque blowout!

12 October 2009

This weekend saw the launch of perhaps one of the most fash-ON dinner parties London has ever hosted. Already the coolest restaurant in London by quite some distance, Bistrotheque took it to another level this weekend, by hosting an exclusive series of dinners at a secret masonic temple in East London. There was Kentucky Fried Quail, there was pink champagne candyfloss, there were a lot of fashion faces.

Held as part of the first London Restaurant Festival, tickets for each of the three nights sold out so fast [within an hour of going on sale] that even Grazia failed to score any. But we knew a woman who did. Few people are more fash-ON than blogger genius and PR legend (clients include Gareth Pugh) Mandi Lennard, who Grazia last saw in Vuitton bunny ears at 10 Downing Street's Fashion Party. So we just woke Mandi up and made her write a little blog entry for us about what happened (even though, as you will see, she actually took an oath that night not to reveal anything... )

'I just survived the last nite of supersonic masonique, a 3-night supper club for 50 created by east end eaterie bistrotheque, within the secret masonic temple at andaz hotel – wasn't sure what to expect but knowing there's a winding staircase down to the dining space, I threw on a pair of killer alaia heels – most guests were already knocking back the cocktails and munching on white truffle popcorn when wadders (bistrotheque's david waddington) showed us to our seats – he had some giles scorpion brooch thing going on....

david waddington

bistrothque's david waddington

scorpion brooch

wadder's giles scorpion brooch

'giles [deacon] arrived just after me sporting a super-cool undercover tee – then we all jumped on him begging for the metallic dinosaur handbags that were in his paris show earlier this week his partner in crime for the nite was wonderland's stylist grace cobb, who kept popping out for a fag – they were double trouble

jonny woo, giles deacon, grace cobb

grandmaster jonny woo, giles deacon, grace cobb

'more double trouble headed up the main table, with style writer charlie porter in full friar tuck garb and giggling grazia columnist paul flynn playing the naughty guest.

charlie porter


charlie porter incognito

'arena homme plus editor-in-chief, jo ann furniss, just back from a big party in paris to celebrate her new buffalo issue, was telling me about all the shows she went to, including galliano, while jonny woo, host for the nite announced "all rise" and we had to pledge allegiance, and never to discuss what happened outside the group...

grazia's marc morgan

grazia's marc morgan, ready for the next course

'then little pizza boxes were handed round with seafarer pizzas and flutes of ruinart champagne, followed by fine slithers of sushi with ice cold rémy martin – there's 9 courses, and only 2 in, I've had: martinis, champagne, cognac and wine...

pizza box

little pizza box featuring the secret supersonic masonique logo for the nite

seafarer pizza

seafarer pizza

'it's all felt terribly grown-up but in the dark I never realised the pea I popped was actually the wasabi and, nearly choking, fashion east's lulu kennedy annoyingly kept patting my back thinking I had something stuck in my throat - even more annoying was how hot she looked in her new holly fulton necklace and miu miu strapless gown

lulu kennedy


lulu kennedy's holly fulton pendant

roksanda illincic and lulu kennedy

roksanda ilincic and lulu kennedy

adrian bower and tina lindsay

actor adrian bower and tina lindsay – she's starting a hot fashion blog soon

'then everyone started table-hopping and it got so confusing in the candlelight, I decided to say hi to tom, bistrotheque's cute chef, in the kitchens, who was preparing the big mason course – burgers with mixed wild mushrooms and layers of foie gras


tom collins

bistrotheque chef tom collins

the big masons

the big masons

the big masons plated up

the big masons plated up

back in the crypt, it's time for kentucky fried quail – and of course another tipple, this time a neat four roses bourbon – it's ok, i'm still in the game – just

kentucky fried quail

kentucky fried quail

'following tequila and tacos, the big masons arrived and were so scrummy, me and roksanda ilincic had seconds, then it was time for cheese toasties which came in neat greaseproof paper bags – they were so tasty we all had to share this point, while knocking back ardbeg whisky chasers – to be honest I don't remember much else – there was definitely some apple pie and ice cream, and killer pink champagne candy floss with strawberries inside i kind of sidled to the floor - there were a few other guests down there too...

pink champagne candyfloss

pink champagne candy floss

marc hare

cheers – marc hare, he's still in the game

masonic temple

the masonic temple at andaz is not usually open to the public

temple ceiling

beautiful ceiling – image taken lying down on the floor

even though it finished at 1, I'm sure we didn't make it to our rooms til 2 – yeah we booked rooms, why get a taxi home down the road when you can just roll down the corridor?'


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