Karl Lagerfeld on the cartoon Karl

30 July 2009

Karl Lagerfeld

You've seen what he looks like, you've heard him speak, but now hear what Karl Lagerfeld thinks of his villainous animated character, Fabu, in the film Totally Spies!, opening this week in Paris. ‘[Fabu] definitely has some resemblance to the idea that people have of me, and that's fine because it allows me to be different in real life,' admits Karl of the flamboyantly dressed character – think ruffles and sweeping two-toned hair. He reveals that although the project is a million miles from what he does, he was interested and amused by the role. ‘I know people who have an air of being nice and who are really dirty dogs. Fabu is unlike me in that he has a taste for revenge, madness. I don't... well, OK, if you really do me a dirty trick, then yes, I have a certain taste for vengeance.' Eek, we knew that crossing Karl would be a very bad idea. ‘The film's vocal coach wanted me to speak the way I do naturally, but I'm not in the habit of reading other's texts. In life, I speak my own way because I speak three languages.' Well, his voice is instantly recognisable – ‘Sometimes I've dialled the wrong telephone number, and the people say, "You know, you sound like Karl Lagerfeld!"' (wow, what would you say if he accidentally called you?!). The kind Kaiser is also taking the time to dub both the English and German versions of the film – yes, we will be able to watch without having to really stretch our GCSE French!


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