When Dolce & Gabbana met Madonna

14 July 2009

When Dolce & Gabbana met Madonna

Dolce & Gabbana and Madonna seem to have been forever intertwined, so it's hard to imagine how one existed without the other. They have dressed her for tours, the red carpet, films, and even invited her boyfriend, Jesus, to star in their A/W '09 advertising campaign. When they are together they all make sense – surely she is the ultimate Dolce & Gabbana woman? But how was this bond formed? Did they hit it off straightaway or did they clash? Fight? Pull hair? Why, they all loved each other, of course!

Stefano Gabbana has revealed that he and Domenico Dolce were massive fans from the beginning of her career. ‘The first Madonna concert we went to was on July 13th 1990 in Torino, Italy,' he told Swide.com. ‘Domenico and I had seats close to the stage. Madonna was on the European leg of her Blonde Ambition tour. We were in love with her at that time. We always have been. We wondered to ourselves if she'd ever wear Dolce & Gabbana and we'd ever get the opportunity to express our admiration for her in person, let her know how inspiring she is and express the gratitude that all fans feel when they meet their idol... our idol (an exaggerated word, I know, but I think it's the correct one where Madonna is concerned!). The concert ended, reality hit and we returned to Milan.'

But off course that wasn't the end. Soon Madonna was wearing their designs as she promoted her In Bed With Madonna film – often in complete catwalk looks. Eventually, the boys invited her for dinner and a made-in-heaven fashion partnership was born. ‘The appointment was for dinner in Manhattan at an Italian restaurant. We arrived early, our legs were shaking, and we were incredibly nervous. At that time you could still smoke inside restaurants, and I must have smoked about half a pack of cigarettes whilst I was waiting. Madonna arrived right on time. She was on the set of the film Dick Tracey then, and arrived dressed as a man with make-up like Marlene Dietrich. She was sweet and kind, and immediately put us at ease, telling us how much she loved our work.' But were they cool as cucumbers in front of their idol? Of course not! ‘We didn't hide our admiration for her for even a minute; we felt a reciprocal kindness and, pretty soon, the meal developed into one between friends, full of ironic jokes and compliments. We admired her more that we thought possible as fans. We felt like the luckiest fans in the world. We'd met a wonderful person and, above all, a new friend.' And the rest is history.



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