Meet the REAL Bruno – Andreas Kronthaler

06 July 2009

Andreas Kronthaler Andreas Kronthaler

Maybe it's because they're worried the cameras caught them twittering rather than paying attention to Stella McCartney's show on the front row (quelle horror), but the fashion crowd are near-obsessed with Bruno, aka Sacha Baron Cohen's Austrian fashionista, who stormed the catwalks at Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Stella loves him, Giles Deacon ain't such a fan, but the big debate is who should take the crown for the ‘real life' Bruno. Two Austrians are currently vying for the title – a 51-year-old cabaret star (er, doesn't that automatically rule him out?) called Alfons (OK, maybe he's back in the game) and 33-year-old Vienna-based fashion journalist Adi Weiss, who is loving his new notoriety.

But our favourite contender is Vivienne Westwood's husband, Andreas Kronthaler. In case you missed Observer Woman's brilliant rundown, here's why:

1. It could be true! ‘You know some of the people in the studio, they were saying it's based on me! But I don't know. I met him once, I think. Sacha Baron Cohen. He was good friends with Naomi. And they borrowed some of the clothes, I think. For the film. He may even have been at one of the shows once.'

2. He certainly thinks the same, er, escapist logic as our dear Bruno. The invitation for the Westwood menswear show says ‘Stop Climate Change' but the theme was ‘Hollywood in the '30s – you know, Errol Flynn, and Zorro, and The Thief Of Baghdad, and that man who live in the woods? What is his name? The man with the feather?' He means Robin Hood. So how do these two reconcile? ‘You know we need heroes like Robin Hood to save the world!' Of course.

3. He's actually from Austria. And lived in one of those very pretty Alpine houses. And had a cow with a bell on its collar. And even wore lederhosen. ‘It was very good for playing. I was handed it down from my older brother. When you were little, you could even piss in them. You didn't need nappies, you know. But I wasn't very fond of it. It was hard like a carpet from all the piss.'

4. So we think you'll agree he kinda sounds like him too...


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