Beth Ditto celebrates her first clothing collection!

02 July 2009

‘This is a bit different isn't it. You can't say we don't do different.' So said Sir Philip Green last night in the bar/karaoke room at Sketch where along with Simon Cowell (who stayed for ten minutes), we watched Kate Moss and Beth Ditto sing Major Tom by Bowie. Sir Philip was only partly referring to the Kate & Beth show - because there were other scenes galore at the Beth Ditto for Evans launch party last night. Take the group of very sweet but also very large and butch biker lesbians - one of them wearing a denim jackets with the legend "Chubster" on the back - who edged in after Kate and Beth to sing a Belinda Carsisle number. Kate & Beth took over again for Total Eclipse of the Heart and the whole room sang their lungs out to the chorus. You really couldn't make this party up. Which is a good thing. As this was a party to celebrate Beth Ditto's first fashion collection for girls from size 14-32. Or as one fat friend of ours says Beth Ditto at Evans is for "fatshionista's". Her word. There was "big girl" food of sausages with tomato ketchup in sourdough rolls and the creamiest, cheesiest mushroom risotto we have ever tasted as well as very very strong vodka cocktails to consume. Best of all, though, the size 14 and under fashion girls were outnumbered by the curvy, the voluptuous and girls about town who were modelling the collection looking amazing. Beth was on top form, despite having to be fanned by her people because she got too hot, and between her & Kate they ruled the night. When they went home - which was about 11 - so did we.

- Melanie Rickey 


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