BEAUTY 118: your beauty questions answered!

28 May 2009

beauty 118

If you want to banish those under-eye lines or tackle dry hair then this is the place to be, because the Grazia beauty team are at your service! We've sorted through the beauty cupboard and sampled tons of products so we can solve all your beauty dilemmas.

Q: Please, Grazia, could you feature different lengths of the 'shag' haircut that everyone is raving about. I'm keen to have my hair 'shagged' but would love a range of photos to show the hairdresser! - issyp
A: In our issue on 18th May, there were a range of different lengths and pictures of the 'Shag'. If you look at pics of celebrities such as Katie White from The Ting Tings, Winona Ryder, Agyness Deyn and Taylor Momsen you'll get the idea. Basically, the shag is longer layers so if you have layers already, get your hairdresser to cut them so that they look grown-out or, alternatively, grow them out but keep getting them trimmed!

Q: I have eczema so my skin is very sensitive and prone to redness & dryness. Can you recommend any miracle moisturisers that will help? - LeilaLu
A: There are a few brands you can try, Eau Thermal Avene who have several different treatments in the range that will help like the Eau Thermal Tolérance Extrême Anti-irritating Soothing Cream but you can use the whole range to cleanse and tone to help keep your skin under control. Or try Aveeno, another excellent range which is often prescribed by dermatologists to treat eczema. They are both well known for being very gentle on the skin and for treating skin problems like eczema.

Q: Is there really a fake tan that doesn't cost the earth that I can use on my pale legs without streaking? I even manage to make unstreakable ones streaky... - monsoonrain
A: Famous Dave's Tanning Mousse has an underground following from fellow non-streak searchers but isn't particulary cheap at £19.99. But it is the hottest cult tanner out there. Alternatively, try a gradual tan like Dove's summer glow beauty body lotion and build the tan daily, that way you won't get any streaks and it's only £4.88!

Q: I'm after a selection of really bright eyeshadows for a roller disco party but so far all I've found are ones that only last 5 minutes and aren't dramatic enough. Any suggestions? I really want to channel Drew Barrymore's bright blue eyes... Help! - LeilaLu
A: Get to Illamasqua pronto! They have the best bright colours that are perfect for the disco and the colours are really highly pigmented so the colour you see is the colour that you will wear. The best part is that they have a Sealing Gel that makes the make-up waterproof and, trust me, it doesn't budge for anything (exept maybe brilliant make-up remover!)

If you've got more questions just email or post your questions below to get answers not just from us but the Grazia Daily beauty devotees too.


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