Skinny jeans should come with a health warning...

27 May 2009

No, that's not your partner/husband talking, it's official. Doctors in the US are saying that fashionistas squeezing their thighs into super-skinny jeans can suffer from a nerve condition called meralgia paresthetica, which causes a numb, tingling or burning sensation across the thigh. They cite the case of a 28-year-old woman, who wore her skinnies to dinner with friends (always a mistake, let's be honest, unless you're going for sushi) and stood up hours later to experience a weird sensation. ‘It felt really strange – like my leg had gone to sleep,' she said, almost like she was ‘floating'. She doesn't say whether she was wearing stiletto heels with her jeans, but let's assume so as only La Moss can really pull them off with ballet pumps – and that would have made the situation even worse according to said doctors as heels tilt the pelvis forward. Uh oh. So at this point we're feeling super-smug about moving on from 7/8th skinnies this summer to baggy boyfriends. The only problem with those is that we reckon the extra breathing space is making us put on weight. Fashion, eh? [Huffington Post]


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