Sophie Dahl on eating as a supermodel

26 May 2009

Sophie Dahl's always been big on breaking stereotypes. Scouted at the age of 18 she broke through as a top model despite, in fact because of, in her own words ‘enormous tits, an even bigger arse and a perfectly round face with plump, smiling cheeks.' She refused to slim down to get more work (and yes, we know that's ridiculous in itself considering at her biggest she was only a size 14). ‘I had quite a strong sense of self. And I don't know whether you've ever seen those dresses, but they're quite tiny. Well it would be disingenuous to say there weren't moments where I thought: "God I wish I fitted into that dress," but I didn't go off and starve myself in order to get into them.' And now she's out to prove models not only eat – but cook too. Though we won't discover Kate Moss's favourite Sunday night dinner in Sophie's newly released cookery book, we can buy into hers. ‘I don't know her soufflé recipe. She might have a jolly good one up her sleeve, you never know. I just know mine. But part of the joy in writing this book is saying to people that just because one has modelled doesn't mean one doesn't eat.' So what is on Sophie's recipe list? The breakfast burrito and blueberry and strawberry smoothie are looking good, but our favourite is an admission that Sophie sometimes pretends to have someone over for dinner when she's ordered a takeaway. Not that we've ever done that of course... [Guardian]

Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights is published by Harper Collins, and is available for £18.99 here.


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