The Carine Roitfeld Commandments

12 May 2009

Carine Roitfeld might traditionally be seen as second in command to Anna Wintour, but judging by the French Vogue Editor-in-Chief's style commandments, we're thinking it's her who most closely represents The Devil Wears Prada's Miranda Priestley. Just check out her rules for us common folk...

1. Never ever wear denim in the workplace. ‘Jeans are for my assistants'. Better banish that newly purchased pair of boyfriends to the dustbin quick smart...

2. Embrace your natural beauty: ‘Going to the gym is not like in New York where you have these huge places where hundreds of people are running together. This doesn't exist in France. We don't have the space and it's really not in the French mentality... even if you are older you can stay beautiful'. Huzzah! Who's for another hot chocolate?

3. Learn to dress ‘classic with an edge'. ‘It's more the way you mix the clothes and how you move, how you open your bag, how you cross your legs - just little things that make a difference'. We so just sat up straighter at our desks.

4. Get real, people. ‘In France we drink wine and eat cheese and bread and finally we stay slim. I am skinny, and all my girls are skinny. People think I weigh my girls in the office but I do not. We have a scale in the office because we travel a lot... It's just to weigh my luggage, not to weigh my editors.' Hmmm, on second thoughts let's cancel that second hot choc...

5. Keep yourself trim - even, ahem, down there: ‘We always had a chic eye on everything, even when we shaved the G on the girl. A lot of girls started shaving... in different ways after that so it really became a trend...' [Fashionologie]


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