VIDEO: Susan Boyle speaks on THAT makeover!

12 May 2009

Susan Boyle might have needed subtitles so the American audience could understand her on Oprah (oh those Yanks!) but her thoughts on having a ‘makeover' were crystal clear. The latest reality TV star furrowed her (still as yet unBotoxed) brow at the mention of her much-debated makeover. ‘Depends what you mean by a makeover,' she said. ‘I mean my best friend actually helps me with my make-up. You know, I mean that's hardly a makeover.' Oh, come on Susan... What about that new hair colour and eyebrow tidy-up, eh? ‘That was just to tidy myself up, like any other female would have done,' Susan told Oprah. OK, we're with you there SuBo. Because, you're still so unaffected and ordinary, you just wanted to look a little better for the cameras. We'd do the same. Only we'd probably add a pair of Jimmy Choos and a Mulberry bag, too. Go on, Susan. Pllleeeeeeaasse! [Jezebel]


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