5 minutes with... Audrina Patridge!

15 April 2009


Even us weather cynics must concede that spring has sprung, and the sun has – occasionally at least – got his hat on. But as we face the traditional mid-seasonal dilemmas of when to swap opaque tights for leggings and – eek! – when to do bare legs, who better to advise us than The Hills' Audrina Patridge – one of the stars of the glossiest and most glamorous reality TV show on the box, currently filming the fifth and final season in sunny LA?

What do you think of British style?
I love it – my biggest fashion icons are Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. They both dress in a way that's pretty with a rocker edge – maybe wearing a cute floral dress with a leather jacket or boots or a killer heel. I love that. In Europe, people aren't afraid to wear something bold, funky and individual, whereas Americans tend to hold back.

Now it's time for us to return the compliment: We love laid-back LA fashion – what are your top style tips for relaxed, sunny style?
I think it's about versatility – at the moment I'm really in to tops by Kain. They're really sheer so I'll wear them with a bathing suit or a really cute bra underneath.

If only beachwear was part of our everyday wardrobe consideration... What about the maxidress? That's something we could work here, as long as we avoided puddles...
That's the kind of ‘go to' outfit in Hollywood – a long, bohemian dress, gladiator sandals, hippy headband, with your hair really long and curly.

Designer time: Who are your faves?
I love Balmain for prettiness with an edge – I have been wearing my Balmain diamond shoes to death because they jazz up every outfit! And I love Marc Jacobs – I just bought a really cute new silver/grey jumper which I wear over bathing suits in the day and dress up at night.

Do you have a stylist?
I've just started working with Joey Tierney for events and special occasions. She's amazing, she pulls an outfit together so quickly, rather than me panicking and trying on everything I own!

Veering off the subject of style, when do you finish filming The Hills?
I think it's around 31 May. I can't wait for the wrap party – I don't know what we're doing yet but they're always amazing.

Will you miss Lauren?
She's with her boyfriend all the time now, so I've slowly learned how not to be with my friends all the time – they always get boyfriends and disappear! But we still text each other every now and then and check that the other one is doing well!

What about the rows?
It's true, Lauren and I have gotten in so many little fights, but they made us so much closer through overcoming those little humps in the road.

Is it true that you'll be launching your own reality series afterwards?
That's right – and it will be different to The Hills. I might move away from LA, and there will be new love, my family will be involved... and it'll be a bit spicier and older!

The Hills series 5 airs on MTV One from Sunday 3 May at 8pm


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