Beauty 118: your questions answered!

09 April 2009

Beauty 118

Another week, another round of burning beauty questions... We've been sitting in the beauty cupboard all morning (it's a tough job, we know) trying to find the ideal answers to your specific questions. And here they are. Remember, if you want a question answered next Thursday just post it below or email and we'll start searching...

Q: I need a foundation which provides thick coverage as I have acne scars, but I need one that will show up my pores and not clog them up. Also, I have pale skin so I need a light shade and it needs to be easy to apply with a smooth texture. Please help! I've tried loads of different brands and none of them work. 

A: MAC's new Studio Sculpt foundation is a favourite with make-up artists backstage. It's great for coverage but isn't too thick that it looks unnatural. The texture is smooth and the shade range is impressive so you should find the right shade for you. Alternatively, try Maybelline's new Dream Satin Liquid Foundation. It's super-popular in the States and promises 'full, lightweight coverage'. Maybelline are known for their foundation texture. Good luck.

Studio Sculpt, £22.02 (

Dream Satin Liquid, £7.82 (

Q: What's the deal with mineral foundation? What is the coverage like? I have dry/oily skin with blemishes and redness and am the palest of pale! Help! I have been searching for the perfect foundation for years and none of them have matched my skin tone – they just look orange on me even though they were supposed to be the palest colour.

A: Mineral make-up has become huge. It's now available on the high street from most brands. If you do have dry skin it's probably best to go for liquid mineral make-up like Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals, however you can use bareMinerals (one of the mineral make-up pioneers) Prep & Prime to prepare your skin to take mineral powder better. It's great if you prefer not to feel like you're wearing foundation and it's so gentle on your skin you can sleep in it!

Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals, £28.88 (

BareMinerals Prep & Prime duo, £24.50 (

Q: I received a Chanel foundation as a birthday present and after using it I came out in a rash. As it's a present I don't have the receipt  – can I get a refund or an exchange?

A: If you go along to a Chanel counter and discuss your problem they will be happy to help you.   

Q: I have just bought a Max Factor Creme Blush and I don't know how to apply it. What do you suggest?

A: Make sure that you warm the Creme on your fingers first by swirling the product around. Gently pat the blush into the apples of your cheeks and, to ensure application perfection, smile whilst you are patting the blush into your cheeks and you will find the apples of your cheeks more easily. 

Beauty questions sorted! Any more, just let us know. Until next week...


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