A letter to New York

02 April 2009

Dear New Yorkers,
Well lucky you. Any minute now the first NY Topshop will throw open its doors and let you run amok (well ish) among rails of amazing clothes, allow you to drip yourself in jewellery and stomp around in fabulous new shoes. But New Yorkers, listen up! As professional Topshop shoppers, we know how to use this retail giant in more ways than one. We can run in for a last-minute dress for an evening out, or we can spend hours browsing every piece (much to the disdain of partners), and we can do everything in between. But there is an art to shopping at TS, well a kind of art anyhow. So while we are a bit miffed that we have to share our high street gem with you, in the interests of UK/US relations, we are prepared to offer up some of our TS shopping gems...
Learn the floor
We know that you will want to just leap in head first, but refrain. Think methodically and work towards the changing rooms, after all you don't want to be carrying armfuls of clothes miles across the floor.
Search out the changing rooms
If TS NY is anything like TS LDN, then somewhere in there will be a secret changing room. It isn't that secret, it's just that it's not as well sign-posted as the others –and we like it that way. It means that you don't have to queue for ages to try on the goodies.
If you like it BUY IT
Don't go into TS NY with the idea that you might see something you will ‘think about'. THERE IS NO TIME TO THINK! Blink and you'll miss it kids. Buy, buy, buy!
Visit three times a week
So you may have been in on Monday and Tuesday and left empty-handed, but just thinking of the new temptations that will have been delivered on Thursday has us hot-footing it down there on Friday.
Shove and be Shoved at Sale Time
From Day One to End of Sale, it is pretty intense. You must have tactics. Someone we know invested in a pram pre-sale, as in an unwritten rule, it always gives you right of way. Little do other shoppers know that you are just using it as a massive shopping trolley. 

We hope that helps a little, and all we ask in return is that you learn to respect Topshop. After all, it is the Brit newbie in town.
Lots of love,
Brit girls


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