Lily Cole’s been a naughty model…

10 March 2009

We've heard of the dog ate my homework. But we're not quite sure the Cambridge tutors will take ‘I just had to attend a Fashion Week party' as an excuse for failing to turn in a University assignment on time. So spare a thought for supermodel Lily Cole. Little Lils is not only in trouble with the powers that be at Cambridge (where she's studying for a degree in Social and Political Sciences) for making a pit stop at the Double Club for the An Other magazine party, but she's also in hot water with the tax man. Turns out the annual tax return for her company Lily Cole Ltd is pretty long overdue, and she's facing a pretty stern telling off: ‘She might get away with handing in her essays late but she needs to obey our rules.' Oh, er! Don't they understand it wouldn't be London Fashion Week without an appearance from our favourite flame-haired model! [Guardian]


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