Peaches talks fashion disasters

02 March 2009

Peaches Geldof 

You might think that 19-year-old Peaches Geldof hasn't lived long enough to go through six style crises. But this is Peaches Geldof we're talking about. And she does have a column for US fashion magazine Nylon to write every month. So.... A break-down of the style evolution of Little Miss PG in her own words (and a few of ours):

‘Growing up, I was never a casual kind of girl. As early as age 9, I preferred to wear garish, ill-fitting ‘80s prom dresses over jeans – usually to disastrous results.' So she soon left that up to Lily Allen...

‘By 2002, I was a carefree 12-year old. Was there ever a point when knee-high Nike logo socks complemented pink and white chequered shorts and a pink Lacoste polo?' Short answer: No.

‘Two years later, I was making my ascent up the hellish mountain that is teenage-dom. I was a total brat and my clothes reflected this... Bright Juicy Couture velour tracksuits, stonewashed denim micro miniskirts, and tiny logo emblazoned Dior purses.' Don't expect a front row seat this Paris Fashion Week...

‘When I was around 16, I was alternating between mod and hippie, a schizophrenic approach to dressing that ended up yielding fairly fashion-forward looks and required the ransacking of vintage stores for the perfect fringed waistcoat or woven headband...' Which we like that you're still wearing.

‘But in 2007, at age was the birth of Nu Rave... I woke up one morning in Ibiza clad in a baby blue spandex bodysuit and smiley face necklace.' As you do...

‘Then last year, I started listening to Post Punk. I was uber goth.  I wanted to be Morticia Addams mixed with Siouxsie, but since I'm so pale, I just looked like a vampire.' Honesty. Wow.

So where's she at now? She's apparently ditching the ‘everyday-is-Halloween vibe' and focusing on timeless colours and taking inspiration from whichever historical era most interests her. you feel a Peaches fashion biography coming on? [Nylon]


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