Oscars: Live Red Carpet Blogging! UPDATE: All the dresses!

23 February 2009

It's the biggest night of the year for red carpet watchers, designers...oh yes and the actresses too...The Oscars! And here we are live blogging from...east London...LA it is not, but we have decked ourselves out in our Oscar finest (again more East London than LA, but we are trying) and are in the spirit to bring you all the red carpet stories, observations and of course fabulous dresses. We will be updating through the night, so keep checking back with us for the first pictures and first bits of gossip.

We are hoping for a night of couture, colour and opulence - with complete disregard for the recession - we want Oscar glory.

Ladies, you may begin...


2300 - Fearne Cotton in pink as she reports for Sky One on the red carpet (she has just one metre of space and has decorated it with Union Jack flags) - she looks rather pretty - good makeup...pink too. She is excited. She tried 8 dresses before selecting the pink one. Can only see the top bit though.

2308 - Miley Cyrus is first to arrive in "sparkle fest" dress. Looks very grown up. We didn't look like that at 16, or even 26. Hmm.

2320 - Hmm, no celebrities chatting to Fearne yet, we are flicking to E! Entertainment. Ryan Seacrest looks more glossy. We will stick here for a bit and see how he gets on.

2325 - Apparently Penelope Cruz will be ending the evening with a karoke session with family and friends. Thanks Ryan, but what song choice?!

2328 - Zac Efron to do musical number. Is this a theme?

2329 - Dominic Cooper is here. Can't see if he is with girlfriend and co-star. Oh he has been minimised to the corner of the screen as Dev Patel arrives. Both in tuxes. Smart, but where are the dresses?! Think Ryan is hurrying him on.

2332 - Apparently E! have a stiletto camera and a limo cam - let's hope certain starlets have remembered underwear this year.

2335 - Zac Efron sporting slicked hair. Now chatting to Vanessa Hudgens who has bucked the Hollywood trend and is wearing black and white strapless Marchesa - we expect that we will see more of it later this evening.

2340 - The floodgates have opened apparently. Oscar secret revealed - there are going to be big A-list previous Oscar winners dramatically announcing the nominees. Not quite sure what the drama will be.

Quick peek at Amy Adams - amazing necklace and claret red strapless dress. Great shoulders.

2342 - Apparently the party everyone wants to be at is Madonna and Demi Moore's. We'd rather be in East London thanks.

2349 - The Slumdog kids are soooo cute. Freida Pinto is there - in one-shouldered royal blue lace dress. Looks stunning. Posing with rumoured love and Slumdog costar, Dev Patel. 

2354 - Melissa Leo (nominated for Frozen River) is following the old lady hair trend.

2355 - All about statement jewellery. E! have a GLAMASTRATOR camera! Very high-tec - marker pen effect over actresses dresses - refraining from giving them comedy beards and eye-patches for now.

Ryan is talking to Dev and Freida - they are ignoring his questions about their chemistry. Freida is wearing John Galliano and a 150 year old ring. Angelina gave Freida advice at the SAG awards - "Don't let anything affect you. Enjoy the moment." Thanks Ang.

0000 - Heidi Klum and Seal on the red carpet. She is in pink asymmetric graphic dress with thigh-high split. Controversial.

Heidi's jewellery is AMAZING.  5 bracelets - Diamond and coral stones. MASSIVE earrings. This is what we want to see - unashamed opulence. Glamour but totally modern. We salute you Heidi.

0005 - Marisa Tomei has arrived . One-shouldered dress - having debate, is it fleshy pink or silvery grey - stay tuned, this one could last all night. UPDATE: It is silvery grey (I was right).

Graphic black piping on Amy Adams bodice, complimented by jade, burgandy and gold neckpiece. She always looks great - and interesting actress who always makes interesting fashion choices. Think we have a new style icon. UPDATE: Ryan Seacrest didn't ask her who she was wearing. Come on Seacrest!

Marisa Tomei looking irritated.

Heidi and Seal chatting. She is wearing Roland Mouret and tells us that she has been sitting on "one butt cheek all the way to the theatre due to folds on the rear." God she's nice. 

0014 - Amanda Seyfried in orange column with drama bow. Mickey Rourke in white suit.

SJP comes as Carrie Bradshaw in Scarlett O'Hara ballerina dress. More later.  Anne Hathaway in metallic beaded column - could it be a favourite? Very decadent. UPDATE: SJP is wearing Dior Haute Couture and she describes the colour as 'barely mint'. Has Matthew Broadwick had highlights? Sex and the City 2 is very close to happening she reveals. She is excited.

James Franco arrives with girl. Our heart is breaking. Maybe it's his mother...? Robert Downey Junior is getting younger by the day. Ron Howard...no longer Happy Days?

0025 - Natalie Portman in bubblegum pink, sweetheart neckline dress and great blusher.

TREND SPOT: Oragami and architectural dresses, statement jewellery setting off simple dresses, berry colours - pink and reds. Very little black. One Shouldered dresses are coming through fast. Lots of pale colours - silver, grey, ivory and white.

0030 - Marissa Tomei going for loose hair. Looks glossy and nicely under-done. Ryan didn't ask her again who she was wearing. Just switched to Fearne and she didn't ask either. What the...? Who cares about who will win what? Man.

Evan Rachel Wood looks great - ivory pleated column. Gorgeous hair. Stroppy adolescent goth put to rest, replaced by Constance Bennett (google her). 

0040 - Angelina arrives in black. Naturally. One of the first black dresses of the evening. Strapless (again) with fall of fabric from the back. Hair part up to show off the jade tear-drop earrings. Her and Brad are so A-list they practically glow. Though Brad Pitt is starting to look like Rhett Butler.

0045 - Penelope Cruz wearing diamonds with white grecian dress with brocade detailing. Beautiful. Marion Coitillard in another ballerina dress - full tulle skirt in black with royal blue embellishment. Another Dior? 

0050 - Kate Winslet...this woman is on a roll. Gunmetal, one-shouldered (BIG TREND) dress with black tulle ruffle overlay. Real reinterpretation of old-school glamour going on. See Kate's Grace Kelly Rear Window hair do. She says that she is 'extremely nervous. These moments are overwhelming'. Ryan didn't ask about the fashion AGAIN. Turned to Sky 1 - she didn't even speak to Fearne. 

0100 - Lastly we spotted Beyonce in black and gold floral brocade column with fishtail. No jewellery...the dress says it all.

Announcement made that seats are to be taken.  That is it apparently. We are now going to upload the pictures so you know what we have been blogging about for the last two hours!

- Kay Barron



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