LFW alert: Olivia Rubin shows for the first time!

20 February 2009

We visited rising star Olivia Rubin (who already counts Cheryl Cole, Roisin Murphy and Grazia(!) in her fan base) at her fabulous little central London studio 3 days before her first ever LFW show!!



OMG. Only the weekend stands between Olivia and her first ever LFW show, but if you're expecting a drama queen with a million assistants and pattern cutters flying around you'd be mistaken. Olivia is cool as cucumber (despite major sleep deprivation) and full of excitement. Where is everyone we wonder? "Oh we pulled a late one last night as some long awaited fabric arrived and finished two of the show pieces" (which look amazing!!) "So no early start for the team today". Still amazed by the calm atmosphere we probe further "Are you freaking out on the inside though? You seem very calm!" "No I'm excited more than anything, this collection is much more developed and my prints more sophisticated than ever before, it feels like the right time for me to show, I'm glad I waited."


Inspirations are all quite closely entwined for Olivia's A/W collection: New York cityscapes, the Chrysler building, 1920's Art Deco design and also colours, Tamara de Lempicka paintings. Also an '80s street influence, Keith Haring and '80s colours too like popping pinks with subdued oranges.


"I am focusing on creating pieces that are really individual; I think women are looking to be unique more and more, something which I can achieve through my prints", (all of which Olivia personally designs.)


Olivia's mood-board covers the entire chimney breast of the studio, an amazing collage of sketches, fabric swatches, art work, photographs, print samples...we could study it all day! "I have stayed really true to my mood board- I always do. I have an idea/vision in my mind of what I want to create and rarely veer from it"


The flocking finishes and devoray prints that feature throughout the collection are so beautiful; it's a brilliant mix of showstoppers and totally wearable pieces....in short we want it all!


  - Catherine Nieto


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