PPQ’s London Fashion Week diet!

17 February 2009


Everyone's getting a bit hot under the collar with the countdown to London Fashion Week in full swing, so we decided to catch up with one of our favourite design duos to find out their three-days-to-go rituals. Step forward Amy Molyneaux, one half of hip label PPQ, who gave us the lowdown on how she deals with the fashwan madness. The team listen to George Lamb as they keep up with their strict working regime, she tells us, as ‘secret rolls of fabric disappear straight into the cutting rooms and are wrapped back up ASAP’. All very secret society. Plus we got a bit of an insight into PPQ's eating habits: ‘We're all on a diet of Tabasco and salad, because it keeps up healthy and hot!' Well, whatever works for you Amy... If it's helping you get a certain someone's outfit ready, we approve.


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