Ben de Lisi pitches to design Kate's Oscar dress

02 February 2009


Yes, Ben - we know you cut a great show-stopping gown. We know you're the man responsible for Kate Winslet's red asymmetric Oscar-success dress in 1994. But we're guessing since Kate must have the design world dropping at her feet to get her a best-dressed as well as Best Actress award at this year's Oscars we do get why you're pitching for her business. Take the gushing about Kate's style: ‘Colour and silhouette will make an entrance no matter how simple a dress is,' Ben says. ‘Kate, for example, is a blonde, and red looks good on blondes, but you have to make sure it doesn't clash with the red carpet.' Then the emphasis on how well established your design-muse relationship is: ‘When you know someone as well as I know Kate, it would probably take a week to make the dress. I know her body like I know my own.' And finally the ‘I'm so humble' pitch: ‘Will I be designing the dress Kate wears this year? I don't know. I have drawn up 14 sketches but everybody and their brother is after her. And even if someone asks you to design, you never know until the very last minute. When I made the red dress she wore in 2002, I didn't know she would be wearing it until I turned on the television.' Good job, Ben. You've got our vote. Let's hope Kate's been listening, too... [Guardian]


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