Dolce & Gabbana revealed... again!

26 January 2009


You've gotta love Dolce & Gabbana. The dynamic duo are experts at dropping a soundbite or two. So, after they dished the dirt last week about Victoria Beckham's spaghetti Bolognese habit, we knew we had to devour their latest interview in iconic US magazine Interview. Here's the lowdown from the relaxed and remarkably open Dolce & Gabbana...

On the financial hiccup:

Stefano: I'm also tired of reading this stupid stuff. I'm sick of it. We said the same thing after September 11. We just continue to do our job in the same way, maybe putting more energy, more fantasia, more creativity into it.

On the difference between Domenico and Stefano:

Stefano: No, no, it's not like that. He is more projected into the future, and I am more attached to my roots, and the balance is Dolce & Gabbana.

Domenico: I want to dance. I want to live.

Stefano: And I say to him, "No. You come here." And he says to me, "No. You come with me."

Interview: So you're the man, and he's the little boy. Is that the way you were in your relationship as well?

Stefano: Yes.

On their design process:

Stefano: We start every season with a piece of paper, two lists – "Yes" and "No". And always it's "No brocade, no animal prints…" It's too easy to do the brocade. We do the list because we are not young. We are old chickens in the system. We've done this job for 24 years, you know.

Domenico: And we design too much animal print. So, "No animal print." "Yes, a white shirt with lace." "Yes, a new shoulder." "No brocade…" But, finally, maybe I need some brocade.

Stefano: Or then maybe I need to do it in a corset, and in the end…

Interview: The whole collection is brocade!

Domenico: Yes, it's very funny.

On their relationship:

Interview: Do your boyfriends ever get jealous of your relationship?

Stefano: If so, it's too bad for them. We are really good friends – that's it, like brothers. We are family. I say Domenico is the first person in my life. If you don't like it, it's your problem.

Interview: Do you think your relationship is unusual?

Domenico: Very unusual.

Stefano: Our relationship is also a very good example for everybody in the world, gay and straight. Because our love story continued, without sex and without living together. Why not? He was the first big love story in my life. Why do we need to cancel that? And I don't want to forget it.


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