Five minutes with the new 90210 costume designer

20 January 2009

We've got a cronic case of the January blues, so any TV show that can offer up a generous dollop of escapism is very welcome at the moment. Which is why we're loving the all-new 90210, which kicks off on e4 this Monday at 9pm. As well as plenty of LA sunshine and a good deal of nostalgia (it is, of course, a recreation of our first teen TV love Beverly Hills, 90210 - flashback here - and even features Shannen Doherty's Brenda, all grown up!), we're a little bit obsessed with the characters' wardrobes, particularly that of Queen Bee Naomi - whose handbag collection would satisfy Victoria Beckham. At the end of the first episode, she wears a gorgeous gold Stella McCartney dress at her Sweet Sixteen party, leaving no-one in any doubt as to who the belle of the ball is - our kinda girl!

Here, costume director Debra McGuire speaks exclusively to Grazia about 90210 style.

Let's get the controversy out of the way first: What's your response to reports in the States that the young actresses in 90210 are too skinny?

I think things have really changed since the start of the show. At the beginning, things were very stressful, and the girls were very young, so maybe they were too thin in the first few episodes. But things seem to have settled in beautifully now and I wouldn't say that anyone was too thin. Everything looks amazing on them!


Naomi (right) wears a Stella McCartney dress.

How would you describe Naomi's style?

She's the rich girl and at the start of the series she only wears high-end designer - Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace. But I started to think that head-to-toe designer looked a little odd, standing in front of the school lockers, so more recently I've started mixing it up a bit, teaming a Versace top with a pair of jeans or Chanel jewellery with something less high-end.


 Silver does her eclectic look.

What are the other characters like?

Silver is my funky girl. She has very eclectic tastes and is a lot of fun to dress - she'll wear prints, over the knee socks, patterned tights. I worked on Friends for 10 years and I'd say she's my Phoebe! Anna Sui and Battalion work very well for her. Adrianna (with Naomi, top left) on the other hand, has a sexy edge - she's very theatrical, the necklines are a little lower and she wears a lot of gold.


Annie has a Marc Jacob moment

And the lead character, Annie?

She's very little Marc Jacobs and wears stripes and polka dots, classic patterns that wouldn't work on the other girls. She's all about simplicity and sweetness.

- Hannah Marriott


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