It's war in the office style-stakes!

16 January 2009


Goodness me, you ladies are an ambitious bunch and apparently will do (almost) anything to get ahead at work. A recent survey discovered that almost a third of women will dress provocatively in the office in order to get a leg up the career ladder. While we may question whether a low-cut top and a high-cut skirt actually gets you that promotion, we do know how important work-wear is. Too casual and you might as well be at home watching Neighbours for all the use you are, too smart and you will feel on edge and paranoid all day. Then of course, there's the fashion rivalry. Apparently you don't all just compete for the big promotion, a massive 48% of you also compete in the office style stakes. The worlds of marketing and advertising are the most competitive in the fashion wars, followed by media workers and then retail. Is your workplace affected by fashion battles? Or have you opened a couple more buttons on your shirt before a big meeting? Go on, reveal all and let us know!


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