First look: Stephen Sprouse book!

14 January 2009


Are we Stephen Sproused out? Not by the reaction to the new Stephen Sprouse book that's just arrived in the Grazia office. We've been pouring over the amazing retrospective of the life and career of the artist-slash-designer-slash-general-fashion-guru for over an hour now. It starts with Stephen's first collection - as a 12-year-old, he wrote notes for a spring collection that included ‘A large silk bat-sleeved dress (I'm not sure of the correct name) with finger loops' - and goes through his punk period, collaborations with Iggy Pop and Kate Moss, culminating of course in his first Louis Vuitton collection. But the best part of the book is the tributes authors Mauricio and Roger Padilha have collected from Stephen Sprouse's closest friends and colleagues: everyone from his brother Brad to Debbie Harry and Kate Moss. Here are our favourite snippets...

Brad Sprouse on his brother

‘Mom would go out a lot to entertain Dad's customers. Somehow, Stephen started dressing her. He became the little fashion director in the household, and Mom started looking pretty cool. He always had her on the cutting edge. You know, the stuff you didn't always see in southern Indiana.'


Iggy Pop on the ‘Crucifixtion' pictures

‘When Stephen asked me to do the crucifixion, it wasn't a hard decision. I thought he had a bitching style and was someone who wanted to have something to say. It doesn't really matter if they actually do, you know? Those are the sort of people I always have a lot of sympathy for.'


Kate Moss on Sprouse's gift

‘One night, he phoned up and said, "I've got a present for you. Can I drop it over?" And he came over with an "Iggy on the Cross" painting. It was fantastic. I lined the painting in black lights so it would glow and my neighbours from across the street started complaining because they could see it through the window and thought it was blasphemous. I was like, "Whatever." And I just kept the curtains drawn from then on.'


Marc Jacobs on the Louis Vuitton collaboration

‘We broke all the rules that season. I had been told that we were not allowed to change the monogram. We were not allowed to do this. We were not allowed to do that. And I had been trying to follow the rules and do what everybody had told me until it got to the point where I realized, "I've been listening to everybody and that's not why I was brought in here. I was brought in here to do something to make this young and cool and contemporary and of the moment. In order to do that, I have to have a certain amount of disrespect for the rules." I'm not a rebellious person, but I do like to take risks, and Stephen was the first person that I worked with who helped me to break the rules here.'


The Stephen Sprouse Book by Mauricio Padilha and Roger Padilha is published by Rizzoli priced at £35.00 and you can pre-order it here now.

And if you still want more - geeez people, you're Sprouse hungry - check out this cute video of fashionistas paying tribute to the late great.


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