Mini words of wisdom

12 January 2009


Everyone has opinions about the recession. But while we hear a lot of ‘the good times are over/tighten your belt we are in for a rough ride/it's the end of the world, every man for themselves', there is that school of thought where the whole recession thing is really quite exciting. We all need to hear more of that, so thank goodness then for mistress of the mini-skirt, Mary Quant...

"The energy comes when you need it. I think out of this recession we'll get enormous energy and a lot of new ideas. You create things when you're deprived of them - that's what I did [in the early sixties]. There will be all sorts of new and exciting things which will grow out of this time now."

Believing that without the deprivation of the 50s, the swinging sixties would never have happened - and we all know what genius things came out of that time. So ladies and gents lets embrace the belt-tightening and look forward to all of the wonderful things that we will create in the future...because this time next decade we could be millionaires!


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