Cheer up! It is a brand new year!

05 January 2009


How hard was it getting out of bed this morning and facing the freezing temperatures on the way to the office for the first time since 2008? Well, hell. But here we are, and to be honest it really isn't that bad at all. We are feeling quite optimistic about 2009 (despite the gloom). It is a new year, with new adventures. But we understand if you don't share our enthusiasm, so here are three reasons to be cheerful on your first day back at work:

1) You are off the sofa! Hurrah! For the first time in days you are dressed and out of the house. Well done. It also means that you are away from the fridge. Away from the leftover stollen, the chocolate, the Baileys and the oh-so-creamy goodies that you have hidden at the back. As of today it is no longer acceptable to eat Quality Street before 9am. So really it means that as of today you are getting thinner - without really trying. Thanks January.

2) It is less than two weeks until the Golden Globes, only a month until the Baftas and less than two months until the Oscars. Which means not only will there be some awards and some tears, but first there will be the dresses. Lots and lots of pretty dresses (and a dapper suit or two if Diane Keaton and Ellen are invited). We will be up long past our bedtime to awww and euww at the red carpet winners and losers. Our alarms are already set.

3) Celebrities are back. After laying low over Christmas and New Year (apart from you Lily Allen), the stars are about to burst out with new scandals, new lovers and new projects. How big will the Brangelina army grow over the next few months? Will Jennifer be a married mother by 2010? Will Amy find God? Will Posh's hair ever recover? We are on the edge or our seats. Sad, us? Never!


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