Our fashion blog crush du jour

19 December 2008


You'd think looking at them that fashion people had no sense of humour. All that stony glaring at models on a runway from the front row. And taking things like oil-slick leggings seriously. Well, at Grazia we can pull a straight face as well as the next fashion editor, but secretly we quite like fun. So when we were surfing around the fashion web today (some of those blogger girls are soooo hardcore) imagine our shock and surprise when we found ourselves laughing merrily away at the writings of 'behind the seams girl' who blogs on Swide.com. Swide is Dolce & Gabbana's new online magazine. And behind the seams girl works there in some junior capacity, and boy is she funny. This here is her resume. Ha ha. This here is what she got up to the other night. We wish we had been there! Anyway, she is our new blog-crush. And whether she is real or invented to sound real, we really don't care. Loving Dolce & Gabbana boys for this. Keep it coming. In this economic climate laughing is the new black!

- Melanie Rickey


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