Most Fashionable Films of 2008

19 December 2008

 As that end-of-term pre-Christmas feeling sets in, we couldn't help but wonder (sorry, too tempting. It was the year of SATC after all): What were the best fashion film moments of 2008? It gave us an excuse to spend hours re-living them on YouTube. And we figured it'd be a way for you to fashion up this last Friday lunchtime before Christmas. Here are Grazia's award-winners ...

Most distracting-from-the-trauma wardrobe: Angelina Jolie in Changeling

Yes, Changeling was heart-breaking, devastating and moving. Yet, in between sobs, we couldn't help thinking ‘Oh my god, have you seen her hat/gloves/coat - I wonder if they're vintage 1920s?'

Most improved corsetry: Keira Knightley in The Duchess

Keira's had plenty of experience in the corset department, but she's never looked quite so gorgeous as in The Duchess: the sort of sumptuous drama that makes you want to banish your jeans forever and immediately host an 18th century-themed fancy dress party. Or was that just us?

Overall fashion feast: Carrie and co. in Sex and The City, The Movie

Ok, it was hardly surprising the fashion was fantastic. But we didn't dare dream it could have been that good. A two-hour fashion fest - the Dior Extreme Heels practically had a more significant part that Charlotte's hubbie Harry - nailing all the key A/W trends and sparking a few trends of its own. Was there any woman who didn't rock a long string of pearls over a vest top last summer?

Best use of fringe: Hayley Attwell in Brideshead Revisited

Forget Posh's crop or Agy's Baby Bob. Hayley's flapper-style haircut was the one we fell in love with - and distracted Attwell (and us) from the terrible reviews the adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's movie received.  

Most impressive sartorial transformation: Nicole Kidman in Australia

When British aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley first appears in the Australian outback, she's a fish out of water, tottering around in high heels, squeezed into elaborate travel-suits. After a few weeks, she's working the land like a pro and looking much more at home in boots, breeches, shirts and cravats. And she's still gorgeous, obv. Then again a Prada/Ferragamo wardrobe will help that.

Most responsible for bring back the ‘90s: The Wackness

You might have thought the 1990s was something of a fashion black hole. Not when Mary-Kate Olsen appeared rocking a Global Hypercolour tee in her cameo in The Wackness. The movie reminded us of faded denim, string vests and those Nike Air Trainers... and for a brief (yes, brief) moment we considered re-wearing them.

Best use of Welsh cardigans: Keira and Sienna in The Edge of Love

Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller made the 1940s Welsh countryside look like a super-fashionable music festival, bumbling around in wellies and cosy cardies knitted by local Welsh ladies. They're now shipping them out of The Valleys in shed loads...


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