What's Cheryl wearing tomorrow night..?

12 December 2008


Never mind who's going to win tomorrow's X Factor final, (our money's on Alexandra btw) the big question on everyone's lips is just what is Cheryl going to wear?! We caught up with Cheryl's tight-lipped stylist, Victoria Adcock, this morning to see if we could prise some clues from her. It was a struggle we can tell you, but she did give us some teeny-tiny pieces of the puzzle (probably to keep us at arms length!). So fashion detectives, we can tell you the following:

1) The dress in question was chosen weeks ago and only Cheryl herself, Victoria and her make-up artist know what it is. (So nope, not Simon...)
2) It's by a designer that she has worn before on the show.
3) It 'might' be floor-length and it is ‘certainly' super-glam.

Hmm, not much to go on, but we are feeling brave enough to make some predictions, after all it can only be by one of seven designers that she has previously worn. So by our powers of fashion deduction we are going to throw some suggestions into the pot...


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