Thursday Flashback: Watch Cheryl auditioning on Popstars!

11 December 2008

 Last night, we just happened to be watching The Cheryl Cole Factor on Channel 5 (look, we're not sad, it's just that it was that or Top Gear reruns. And we're done The Wire boxsets to death), and Pete Waterman, who judged Cheryl on the show that made her, Popstars: The Rivals, was good naturedly (if slightly OTTedly) jabbering on about how he KNEW, in the way you just do when you come into contact with a Star In The Making, that Cheryl would be massive the second he saw her (which is clearly why you plumped for managing One True Voice instead of Girls Aloud, hey Petey?). So we clearly had to get straight on YouTube today and look up all the old Popstars clips we could find. We'll spare you the first audition one (everyone looks rough in those clips), and zoom instead onto the ditty that won Cheryl Tweedy, as she was then, her place in the band. So here she is singing Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx (the only thing poor Woolies wont be able to flog in their closing down -sniff! - sale will be his CDs which are destined to decompose in the bargain bin).  Now, we're not entirely sure how Cheryl would fair in bootcamp these days, but aren't the audience behind her (well, not literally, they only managed to do those kind of jazzy camera angles six years later on X-Factor and it didn't help poor Laura did it?). Love they way everyone claps when she has to do the high bit. And how she does that little not-at-all-nicked-from-Baby-Spice nose wrinkle when she sings a sweet bit. Oh, innocent days...


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