Marc Jacobs to do reality TV?

08 December 2008


Oh, Marc. You tease us. You really do. First you make SpongeBob SquarePants officially the hippest cartoon character on the planet. Then you cause ‘skort' mania to sweep through the Grazia office with this choice.  Then you wear high heels. Then you go and get obsessed by having a MySpace page when all the dudes deserted the site months ago for Facebook. What is this, a mid-life regression back to the Halycon days of your teens? And now, you've only gone and said this: that you might want a reality TV show about ‘all the drama, the intrigue, the sex, the romance, the work.' His reason? ‘I'm a shameless human being!' It's too much to take. After all, who could resist seeing MJ get his next tattoo (Nemo's apparently in the running) and jetting around town with the boys. Please Marc, make it happen. We'll start the petition for you... After all, we're regressing to our teens too what with all this Twlight hysteria. [The Times]


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