Cindy Crawford shares her supermodel tips

24 November 2008


Helena Christensen's had her say on the return of the supermodels. And now Cindy Crawford's waded into the debate - dismissing recent claims by Vanity Fair magazine she'd ‘retired in Malibu.' ‘It went all waify, but it would have been very boring if it had not changed over 20 years,' Cindy said this weekend. ‘It came back because the baby-boomers are getting older. They like seeing out familiar faces again, because it makes them feel good about themselves.' So what's the supermodel's secret to hanging onto her near-1999 dimensions? ‘There is no secret, not like finding the perfect jeans. It's genetics - I was born with a good envelope - and lifestyle.' Which sounds so easy until you consider what that lifestyle actually involves... Only, hiking once a week, Power Plating half an hour a day three times a week, treadmill, dance classes, a mixture of yoga and Pilates, and a once-a-year boot camp, with raw food and four-hour, 15-mile hikes every day without even an iPod. And following a strict ‘Be 80% good 80% of the time' diet. Which means salads, smoothies, tofu and chocolate (but only a bite, not the whole bar). Phew. We say, whatever happened to the good old days of not getting out of bed for less than $10,000... [The Times]


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