Five mins with Christopher Kane...

10 November 2008


Five mins with Christopher Kane: his favourite dance move, secret style shame and the Agy v Jourdan debate

Christopher Kane, the fashion industry's favourite darling, hasn't stopped impressing us since his standout MA collection of stretch lace neon body con dresses back in 2006. Two years on, his clothes are still on ours (oh and everyone from Kylie to Beth Ditto's too) and now he's proved he can make even electrical appliances as fashion-forward. He's funked up the Roberts Radio for Comet's 75th anniversary (available at and to celebrate we hooked up with the main man himself to pick his brains on the music that makes him buzz, his secret dance move and which musical diva he'd rather be for the day... You'll never guess who!

What song always makes you dance when you hear it on the radio? Be My Baby, by The Ronettes


And what song would make you switch channels? Let it Shine by Take That. That song makes me want to launch my radio out the window, it drives me mad.

Which songstress would you most like to dress? Sinead O'Connor in the good old days. I loved her look.

Do you listen to music when you're in the studio - if so, what - or do you need silence? I love having background music in the studio but only if it is my playlist! We have playlist off's with all the girls!   When I am stressed or really concentrating then I need silence, once I have sorted out the problem the music goes back on.

What was the first record you brought? Shakespeare Sister, ‘Stay with me'

How do you pick the music for your shows?  I listen to lots of music, sometimes it can be really simple other times more complicated, I work closely with my friend David Bailey Ross, he has his own label ( so he has access to many genres of music. I brief him on the feeling of the collection and then we both get to work sourcing. My show music is really important to me. It creates the mood/tone.

Mariah or Whitney? Why are you doing this to me??? Mariah for being a self obsessed total diva. I am always surprised by how much she loves herself. I cannot believe she performed live on X-factor this Saturday!

Rock or pop?
I can't possibly choose between both. I need both in my life. I love all genres of music from Girls Aloud to The Doors to Patti Smith...

Your best A/W fashion tip?
Keep warm & chic in my cashmere biker jacket.

Heels or flats? Heels every time. Flats are functional but heels are fantasy. I love love drawing high heel shoes.

Agyness v Jourdan Dunn? Oh I can't choose that's cruel! Agyness is a friend and Jourdan is a darling. I think both are gorg in their own way, extraordinary girls.

What's your ‘most played' on your iPod? Right now I am listening to lots of disco, I love Cerrone, Super Nature.

The last text message he sent? Or received? The last text I sent was to my sister this morning saying, ‘Dragged myself out of bed, will be up at 10am'. I have been working all weekend and very late on a deadline so I was entitled to sleep in a little.

Best dance move? The slosh. (A kind of criss cross line dancing move!)

Take That or Oasis? Neither.

Secret style shame? Odd socks.

The most embarrassing record in your music collection? I have nothing to be ashamed of! The more cringe/dodge the better I say...

In a dance off who would win - you or your sister Tammy? Me every time. Hahaha!
Only joking... I don't know??

Will the Archers sound better via a Christopher Kane radio?  The only thing I know about the Archers is that my sample machinist plugs into it everyday whilst sewing away. She vouches it will sound a hundred times better now it's belting out of my radio!

If you could be any music star for the day who would it be?
Jay-Z or Beyonce! Imagine... that would be hilarious.


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